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Thread: My baby is bottle fed, want to switch to EBF. Very confused

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    Default My baby is bottle fed, want to switch to EBF. Very confused

    My son is three weeks old today and has been formula fed ever since he was born with the exception of - the first day he was born he actually latched on several times and I BF him that one day. The next day I got stressed to the max from cesarean pain and went with formula. He has been using dr Brown bottles with formula. I feel so guilty not giving him any breast milk so I spoke to my lactation consultant. She had said to pump when he feeds to build a supply so every 2-4hours, nothing's coming out which is fine because it's been three weeks so I know it will take time. I actually put him on my chest not long ago and he latched onto my boob with no problem. Now because I know I have little to no supply yet, & he wasn't sucking vigorously, I'm assuming he was sucking for comfort?? Has this happened to any of you? I'm almost thinking maybe a supplementing nursing system could be effective now because he latched on? I know there's such thing as nipple confusion but is it possible that some babies don't get it? Maybe dr Brown nipples are similar to mine? He had no problem going back onto my boob. I see my LC tomorrow so I guess I will continue to pump after I bottle feed him like I was told and go with the flow but to me, the fact that he even latched made me very happy. Any viewpoint will help..even similar experiences. Thanks ladies! FTM here and very confused with breastfeeding.. rather scared and all around nervous lol

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    Default Re: My baby is bottle fed, want to switch to EBF. Very confu

    Welcome to the forum!

    Nipple confusion isn't something that always happens. If your baby will latch onto the breast, latch him on as much as possible ASAP! It's fine if he is "only" nursing for comfort. The more he associates the breast with comfort and relaxation, the more likely he is to continue to latch on and to someday transition to exclusive breastfeeding.

    I would definitely try an at-the-breast supplementing system. It seems like your baby is a good candidate for using one. I would also aim to make bottlefeeding as much like breastfeeding as possible. So, when it is time to feed the baby, open your shirt and cuddle him close to your bare breasts. Make sure you pause the feeding from time to time, so that baby gets used to the natural ebb-and-flow rhthyms of milk flow from the breast. Switch the baby from one side to the other over the course of the feeding, as you would switch him from breast to breast. Keep the amount of formula or expressed milk in the bottle small- 2-4 oz is sufficient for a 3 week old baby, and smaller bottles and more frequent feedings are better (if less convenient).

    What sort of pump are you using, and how often are you able to pump?

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