Hi all,

My lo turned 16 weeks..I exclusively bf him till 12 weeks.. I introduced formula bcuz of supply issues & have been giving him 8 oz a day mixed with bm.. I went back to work 4 weeks ago.. I pump twice at work & come home to nurse him during lunch..I was engirged twice since I went to work..I got severely engirged last wed & nothing was coming out wen I pumped so, I tried nursing him but he wouldn't nurse for more than 4 mins on that side & I tried hand expressing which gave only 3 ml.. the duct was cleared this morning but I dint have any milk from that side anymore & other breast is also giving very little.. I dint hav great supply to start with but I was managing..I used to get 30 ml from the engorged side but now I literally am getting not even 1 drop.. I would like to continue bf if that's even possible now.. I think because I did not pump, that side dried up..
please suggest