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Thread: Repeat plugged ducts and disfunctional breast with toddler

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    Default Repeat plugged ducts and disfunctional breast with toddler

    I breastfed my first child for 27 months. Im nursing my second, at 21 months now. This second time around one breast has been very deflated all the time, I kept nursing there as well, I always put the baby on that side first, it produced plenty of milk although not as much as the other but even when full its half the size of the other. I never pump so I dont know the difference in production exactly but she drinks plenty out of it. I keep getting plugged ducts on this breast. I almost never wear a bra because of this issue with plugged ducts, I have a very healthy diet, the moment I sense a plugged duct I relieve it with regular hot baths massages, anti inflamatory etc. My daughter is a very bad sleeper and any time she feels a bit under the weather she nurses a lot and I get the plugged ducts. This time Im i got mastitis, trying to avoid antibiotics and today I dont have fever anymore but lump is still there although it reduces after pump/massage. What can I do about these repeat plugged ducts? Why is this breast sooo small compared to the other, are these risks for a mass forming at any point? Most info I find related to this are with newborns but I have a toddler but I do breastfeed often still.

    Thanks in advance! Any help will be mch appreciated.


    Yas Dalkilic

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    Default Re: Repeat plugged ducts and disfunctional breast with toddl

    Welcome to the forum!

    It's hard to say exactly why one breast would be so much more deflated than the other and so much more prone to plugs. It is normal to have differences in production between breasts, and these differences in production can lead to differences in size, and to differences in the way the baby nurses on the breast. Often babies know that one breast isn't quite as generous, and they become sloppy or lazy feeders on the lower-producing side because they know they can get more of their milk needs met on the higher-producing breast. Sloppy and lazy nursing can, of course, lead to plugs.

    When you refer to the "risk of a mass forming", what exactly do you mean? Are you asking about plugs, or are you asking about something like a cyst or tumor? A breast that gets plugs all the time is certainly at higher risk of getting plugs again, and plugs can lead to mastitis or even an abscess. But I have never heard that repeat plugs would put a mom at higher risk for cysts or tumors.

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    Default Re: Repeat plugged ducts and disfunctional breast with toddl

    Thanks a lot for your help. Yes when I refer to a risk of a mass forming, I mean a cyst or a tumor. It's just that when I see so many issues with this breast and none of that had happened with my first child I'm wondering if there is something else wrong with it. But I found lots of other posts about the subject and I'm more informed now about it. And as you say, it must be her lazy feeding that must be causing this.

    As for the mastitis, I had high fever on Friday night, I can hand express the breast and yellowish milk very slowly comes out of the duct that is clogged, the lump reduces in size but doesn't disappear. When I loose the fever, is it still mastitis? Or am I downgraded to a plugged out now? Do you think I can get rid of this just by continuing my home treatments? Hot compress, hand expressing, eating raw garlic, consuming other things to help my immune system?

    Lastly I have a bit of a bent spine, I wonder if it can be a muscle/nerve alignment issue that causes the issues with the breast. Have you ever heard of a treatment like a chiropractor or acupuncture helping with something like this? I have never had either one done but was wondering.

    Thanks again for taking the time to answer me.


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    Default Re: Repeat plugged ducts and disfunctional breast with toddl

    Sorry for the absence- the forum seemed to be down this week!

    How are you feeling at this point? Better, I hope!

    Mastitis simply means that you have inflammation and/or infection in the breast. If the inflammation/infection get bad enough, you end up with symptoms like fever, chills, aches/pains, etc. You can lose those symptoms and still have inflammation/infection, but lack of symptoms means that you no longer meet the clinical definition of mastitis and probably should downgrade yourself to a plugged duct. If you are feeling better, feel free to continue with what you have been doing. The old LLL adage for treating mastitis is "empty breast, lots of rest", and that is often enough to clear up the mastitis without a mom needing to see the doctor.

    So my understanding is that you are not more likely to develop a cyst or tumor due to a size difference between breasts, or due to breastfeeding. In fact, breastfeeding has a protective effect against the development of breast cancer, probably for 2 reasons (1, lower estrogen levels during breastfeeding will limit the growth of estrogen-dependent tumors and 2, at the end of lactation there is a burst of programmed cell death, which is thought to "clear out" cancerous and pre-cancerous cells).

    I wouldn't worry!

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