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    Question Breast pain

    Last night i felt pain and tenderness in my breast tissue, at the bottom of my breast near my chest. It hurts when I touch it or even if I pick up something heavy. I figured it was a plug (maybe from my bra pressing on it) but I fed my baby till it was empty and it only helped a little. I've had mastitis before and I'm not sure it's that. I don't have a fever or anything.
    I recently had a large blister on the same side and it took a while to heal after it popped. I'm afraid bacteria or yeast has gotten inside the ducts or something. Is that likely and what would be the symptoms of that? My nipple is still a little sensitive too - it stings a little when first starting a feed but then eases off.
    I'm so terrified of yeast because I feel like I've had every single breastfeeding problem except that and I figure it's coming

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    It is possible for yeast and/or bacterial infection to occur within the breast.
    But I am pretty sure any bacterial infection in the breast would result in mastitis symptoms, as that is what mastitis is- a bacterial infection in the breast.
    Yeast is trickier. The good news about yeast is that it IS treatable, there are several treatments that studies have proven mothers usually respond to. The unfortunate thing about yeast is that it is both over/mis-diagnosed and at the same time not always treated appropriately by HCPs, and this is what leads (in most cases) to yeast horror stories.

    With the information you have posted so far, my guess is this is a plug. Plugs do not always respond right away to baby nursing for some of the same reasons plugs form in the first place- something is up with baby's latch, there is very high milk production or infrequent nursing- any of which might cause sub-optimal milk removal.

    My best suggestion is to treat this as a plug for now, there are many ways to try to break up a plug - I will link an article. Then, if you can, maybe try to call get help from a board certified LC. She can help you figure out if something else is going on, as well as work on latch if needed. To ward off mastitis, as well as having lots of milk removal, try to rest as much as possible.

    I will also include a yeast protocol. But I think it is premature to assume yeast.

    Plugs: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...plugsblebs.pdf

    Yeast: http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...agename=doc-CP

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    Thanks so much for your reply and the info sheets. Saw it earlier but just getting a chance to reply now. I've been treating as a plug as suggested and seems to be easing up (not getting worse at least!) but still pretty tender. Hopefully it goes away soon! Thanks!

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