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Thread: Sent wrong pump, should i return?

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    Default Sent wrong pump, should i return?

    I ordered my pump from an online company they sent the wrong one. For $45 they will let me ship it back and exchange. I asked for spectra 2 and got something called an ardo. Ive never heard of it and no one i know in real life has either. Should i keep and use it or spend the $45 to return and wait on the spectra ?

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    Default Re: Sent wrong pump, should i return?

    Huh? Can you send it back for a full refund and find another place to take your business? Isn't there something fishy about any company that sends you the wrong item and then tells you you have to pay more to get what you did order?

    But that is talking as a consumer, not as breastfeeding advice.

    As breastfeeding advice, it would help to know- Is this an emergency? Do you need to start pumping immediately? Have you used the pump? Why do you need to pump and how much will you be pumping? Those are the questions I would have.

    I have never heard of either of these pumps. But both have websites and are real pumps. (Does not mean they are equally good of course.) You can do your research and see what you think. It is possible the ardo is a better pump, even.

    But you need to know what you are getting. I would suggest look at both companies websites and look at the specifications. Call customer service (of each pump manufacturer) to see what kind of response you get. Find out how hard/expensive it is to get replacement parts etc.

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    Default Re: Sent wrong pump, should i return?

    I would be on the phone yelli- er... I mean "speaking emphatically" to customer service. If the first person you get on the phone won't help you, ask to be transferred up the chain to the manager. They may be able to authorize a refund or other remuneration that the underling can't. And because they are in management, they will think their time is valuable and do what it takes to get you off the phone.

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    Default Re: Sent wrong pump, should i return?

    If management does not resolve your problem you might try calling your credit card company (I assume you used one for an online purchase). They may be able to get your money back since technically you did not receive the product your card was charged for. Faced with having to refund you and also having sent you a pump, the online store may decide to exchange your pump for free. If all else fails, I would not give them more business and would report them to the Better Business Bureau, possibly also contacting your state's Attorney General's office.

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