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Thread: Dwindling milk supply (19m old, nurses only at night)

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    Default Dwindling milk supply (19m old, nurses only at night)

    Hi ladies, I wonder if you can help me with a problem.

    For the last couple of months, my son has been nursing only before bed, and when he wakes during the night. For the first month or so after giving up our final daytime feed, my breasts would always be very full in the evening, but now my supply is really dropping off. My worse boob only makes a couple of mouthfuls now, and practically nothing overnight.

    I know the usual advice is that I'll be producing as much as he needs, and perhaps that's the case. I suspect that he's mainly nursing for comfort at this stage (since he doesn't seem to mind too much if there's nothing in there!), so perhaps he doesn't want more than he's getting. But he always continues sucking long past when the milk has run out, which I would naively expect would tend to *increase* my supply. Similarly, I would have thought him nursing on my almost-empty boobs overnight would tend to stimulate production, but that hasn't been the case.

    There have been no changes in my lifestyle, diet, stress levels etc. I drink plenty of water.

    Any ideas why I'd be losing supply in this situation, or how I can increase it? We're not ready to give up breastfeeding yet - we both enjoy it, and he's always so upset if I have to refuse the boob for some reason! But if things continue this way there won't be anything coming out at all soon!

    Advice welcome!

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    Default Re: Dwindling milk supply (19m old, nurses only at night)

    Welcome to the forum!

    I think the best thing you can do is to stop worrying. It's completely normal for there to be no feeling of fullness at 19 months, and also for milk supply to seem to be dwindling. Older babies who are getting lots of nutrition from solids need less milk, and part of the long journey towards complete weaning is for milk supply to gradually decrease as the baby eats more solids. But the key word here is "gradually". As long as you nurse the baby when he wants to be nursed, you will produce the right amount of milk for his needs. It may be less than before, but it will still have his intake.

    If you decide that not worrying is not an approach you can live with, then it wouldn't hurt to try some herbal remedies for increasing supply, like fenugreek tea and oatmeal. They can produce a small boost in supply for some moms, and at the very least make you feel like you are doing something to remedy a troubling situation.

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