Mother’s situation: Putting a stop to breastfeeding: gentle toddler weaning

Breastfeeding Today, August 2016

I am ready to stop breastfeeding my 18-month-old son, but how? He still nurses a fair amount day and night but I want my body back. Please can you share gentle ways to get him to give up this habit because I do not want to make him unhappy?


My son is 17 months and, similarly, he breastfeeds a fair amount day and night. In particular, I’ve been having some very intense feelings at night, when I feel like calling out, "Just leave me alone" or "Go back to sleep," as he lies suckling for half the night and won’t let me even roll over! Is this what you mean when you say you "want your body back"?

In terms of gentle weaning, I can recommend two really good books: How Weaning Happens by Diane Bengson and The Nursing Mother’s Guide to Gentle Weaning by Katherine Huggins and Linda Ziedrich. Both have ideas and real life stories, which you can think about adapting for yourself and your own son.