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    Alright mummy's, I need some support and guidance. I'm had a very difficult breastfeeding journey and I'm hitting an all time low right now.
    Early on I was diagnosed with a low milk supply. I nursed and supplemented my daughter with a supplemental nursing system for a year until her nutritional needs were met by other sources and we were able to breastfeed to meet other needs. I managed that hurdle with medications and perseverance. She is 19 months now. The beginning of August I was diagnosed with mastitis. Went on antibiotics for it. 4 days later my period resumed. Shortly after the mastitis I developed horrible pain in both breasts, and developed milk blisters. I tried home remedies to fix it but after a few weeks went to my LC who opened them and taught me how to do the same if needed. After that the pain became unbearable. Saw the LC again a few weeks later. I'm being treated for yeast. Since my nipples are so damaged I keep getting vasoconstrictions on top of everything. I'm no longer opening the milk blebs but they are still there. I'm on fluconazole, orally, so is my daughter (she's not showing signs of thrush). I've recently had 4 ultra sound treatments for blocked ducts, heating the breast before feeds, trying to keep a consistent number of feeds in a day, taking magnesium, vit C, vit B complex, probiotic, multi vit and using all purpose nipple ointment. I've also tried Epson soaks, dangle nursing and more things I just can't even remember. This pain is is getting the best of me. I'm no longer coping. I always hoped of weaning slowly at my daughters rate, but I'm scared I'll have to now so this pain goes away. And-- my daughter loves to nurse. Any guidance as to the next steps to take. Am I missing anything?

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    Welcome to the forum!

    It seems like you are doing everything you should be doing- so kudos to you and your LC for being very well-informed and proactive. It's hard to think what else might be at fault for the pain you are experiencing... Perhaps drug-resistant bacterial infection? Or teething? Do you feel like your child's latch has gotten worse during this period? Sometimes teething causes babies to soothe their guns on mom's breast, and that can cause blisters and pain and vasoconstrictions from a poor latch...

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    Hi. Thanks for the response. I think I was guilty of letting her have a lazy latch when this all started, but with the discomfort we've really worked on latching properly again. No teeth right now, but some cut when the pain first happened early August. I was also very guilty of inconsistent nursing frequency. There were days when we were out and about and she wouldn't ask for it so I wouldn't offer besides morning/nap/bed. Other days she would nurse off and on all throughout the day, especially while teething. I'm trying my best to keep it consistent now.

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