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Thread: Stools, latching, etc.

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    Smile Stools, latching, etc.

    HI! I am sure someone out there has faced this at one time or another! My DD is 9 days old today. In the hospital she would latch, though I was never able to get a good latch, resulting in extremely sore, cracked, blistered nipples. I suspect I may have too much breast for her to take in a good latch. I have began pumping which is alot of work. When she does latch she will nurse continually, never wanting to get off. My first question is how can i get her to speed up her nursing habits, or is this just something she will outgrow? Next, her stools in the past 3 days have been completely watery and a dark brown, is this a sign of an allergy to something I am eating? In the beginning she had great stools that were the normal BF baby type. Also-I should mention that last night she had a TERRIBLE bout with gas. I know this can be attributed to something I am eating but I have been careful about non-gassy foods, with the exception of eliminating dairy. Thank you in advance for your help!

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    Here's some info on baby poop http://www.kellymom.com/babyconcerns...erns.html#poop.

    I would get some help with that latch ASAP. A LLL Leader or IBCLC could help you with that. As you have already noticed, pumping is a lot of work and you don't need any thing extra with a 9 day old! My experience (and I would guess that of a lot of other moms) is that babies are gassy sometimes just because. Make sure you are burping her well at each feeding.

    Her long feedings might be due to not having a good latch and you could talk to the LLL Leader or IBCLC about that.

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