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Thread: 8 Month Old feeding every 1.5 to 2 hours at night

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    Default 8 Month Old feeding every 1.5 to 2 hours at night

    Hi, my 8 month old started waking up every 1.5 to 2 hours at night to feed about 4 weeks ago. I have tried to settle him without feeding but this does not work. My nipples have now blistered and it can be painful when he latches. I have tried readjusting the latch but it is still painful. Has anyone had a similar experience? Last night he woke 8 times, it is getting very exhausting. I did start consuming caffeine again about 3 month's ago and wonder could this affect his waking. He is on solids and seems to enjoy them. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks

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    Default Re: 8 Month Old feeding every 1.5 to 2 hours at night

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    It's really common for 8 month-olds to be very wakeful. Sometimes it indicates a need for more calories, especially among babies who are going through growth spurts or who are so busy that they forget to nurse during the day. It can also accompany teething, ear infections or other illnesses, new developmental milestones, and separation anxiety. Since you are experiencing blistered nipples, my money is on teething, as babies often soothe their sore gums on mom.

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    My 10 month old started waking up CONSTANTLY when she hit 8 months. It coincided with learning to crawl and getting 6 teeth, but unfortunately this is a phase we are still in, 2 months later! I have basically just resigned myself to being a little tired, and sometimes I nap with her. This is just to say - it might last a while, but you are not alone!

    As for your nipples, I found my daughter had to get used to nursing with her 8 teeth. For a couple of days it almost felt like her teeth were rubbing my nipple or something. I tried to use the same "sandwich" technique I learned when she was a newborn to help her latch well and that seemed to help, or she grew out of it. I didn't have blisters though - ouch!

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    Has your LO ever taken a pacifier? I definitely agree with the other mamas that milestones, teething, illness, growth spurts can all lead to more night waking around this age, but if you've ruled all those out baby might just have developed a sleep association with nursing and is needing it to transition in and out of sleep cycles. With my last baby I was able to slowly introduce a pacifier instead of nursing and it seemed she started waking less often (like getting just the paci wasn't worth her fully waking anymore). She didn't like it at first and I had to get out of bed to settle her with it in the beginning (exhausting, I know!) but after a few nights she accepted it. Hugs, mama. You're not alone!

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