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    My lo is 2.5 weeks old. We had trouble with her being too sleepy to eat initially and started only one side at a time and pumped the other side. Now, right breast is so full that she gags and coughs when I try her on it, the left side is fine and actually a little floppy most times. I feel so bad, she can't nurse the right and I suspect when she does she also ends up gassy from too much air. Need advice to handle this. I've already read the advice on oversupply but it seems to address how to handle when both sides are over supplying.

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    You may have already read this suggestion, but you can try hand expressing or pumping a little before latching baby on to the breast, so the flow is not as fast. I did that because I found my baby could cope better if she got the breast after the initial let-down. I did try to pump as little as possible though, because I was afraid of the pump convincing my body to make even more milk (vicious cycle).

    Also, play around with positions. If the milk flows upwards or sideways rather than down into baby's mouth, baby may be better able to handle it. Try lying tummy to tummy in bed, or rest back against some pillows and drape baby across your tummy/chest.

    In terms of the differences between your breasts - personally what I did was try to initially latch baby on to the breast that felt fullest/ was most engorged/ needed milk out the most urgently. But I did try to never go more than a few hours without using both breasts. If I felt like one breast had been neglected for a couple of hours, I would focus on getting baby onto that side. Do try to get your baby nursing on your oversupplying breast rather than only pumping it, because nursing will bring that breast more in sync with your baby's needs.

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