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Thread: LO refusing bottle!

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    Question LO refusing bottle!

    My baby has been pretty exclusively fed from the breast his first 4 months of life besides the occasional bottle that has been given by dad. The most recent bottle he took from dad was about a month ago (3 months old) and dad said it was a struggle for him to take it but LO eventually took it all. I want to get him used to taking a bottle so that I can actually leave the house without him so we attempted a bottle of previously frozen BM in a bottle and it went horrible! He cried, choked, squirmed in dads arms and flat out refused to take the bottle. Dad even tried multiple different bottles all with low flow nipples. After the first attempt, I even fed him for a few minutes so that he wasn't refusing because he was starving. I'm a little panicked now that I'll NEVER be able to leave the house without LO!!! Can anyone offer any advice or has anyone gone through a similar experience? I'm hoping there's a light at the end of the tunnel!!!

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    I've been struggling with this with my little guy. He's 15 weeks! He refuses to take a pacifier or a bottle. He will squirm, scream, and gag himself nonstop with them.

    We still haven't found a pacifier that works for him, and we have literally went through 7 different types of bottles. Avent, Dr. Brown, Joovy Boob, hmm I forget the others. He didn't like ANY of them. I just would randomly go out and buy a different bottle with a different nipple shape each week. This past week I ended up spending $20 and buying the "calma" (only $10 at Target but I didn't know that until after I had already bought it elsewhere). It's the ONLY BOTTLE that he will take. I put it in his mouth expecting him to do the normal, but he didn't. He has gagged on it once, but every other time he has had NO issues with it. It's amazing.

    So I would say.. try a LOT of different types of bottles, or even try the calma? I'll post the link below. It's worked wonders for us.


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    Thanks so much for your advice! I'll have to look into the bottle.

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    My little one (5 months) has occasional bottles. She will take then much better if she has not seen me for 2 hours or so.

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