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Thread: Pumping for your baby whist looking after your toddler

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    Default Pumping for your baby whist looking after your toddler

    Just wondering if there are any other mums out there exclusively pumping milk for baby who also have a lively 3 year old to look after?

    Ive been doing this for nearly 3 months now and it's a big struggle... Feel like I'm stretching my self too thin... If anyone is experiencing the same thing or has done in the past and has any tips or advice?
    I would much appreciate as I feel like giving up but I know I will feel so guilty.
    But I feel like I can't be a good mum and spend all this time pumping.
    I also can't take 3 year old out to occasions or play dates as I double pump at home every 3 hours and live out in the country side.
    I'm just recovering on antibiotics from mastitis as I missed a few sessions last week due to a couple of days out with my boys.

    I chose to pump exclusively at around 5 weeks as My baby was born with a tongue tie which has been snipped but still has shallow latch and I have an over active let down which causes extreme tummy aches to a very unsettled baby. When I breastfeed he is so unhappy and on the bottle he is the happiest most contented baby ever!
    I really want to continue with breastmilk but I need help as to how you do it with a Pre schooler?

    Hope there is someone out there who can offer done advice?
    Thanks so much xxx Suzy

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    Default Re: Pumping for your baby whist looking after your toddler

    I'm not sure if we currently have any EP moms on the forum who share your situation. But we have done in the past, so here are some tricks that I remember some of the EP moms using:
    - Make a special basket of toys and games and books that comes out at pumping time, so that the toddler doesn't feel bored and deprived of mom's attention while she pumps.
    - Television/tablet or phone games. I know, I know- screen time is bad and television is crack for toddlers. But sometimes a mom has to do what she has to do in order to get things done!
    - Minimize your washing work. Get a second set of pump parts and a ton of bottles. Store the pump parts in the fridge between sessions so you need to wash them only every second time you pump. Get a big basin of soapy water and throw bottles in as they are used, and do one big wash-up per day instead of a zillion little ones.
    - Enlist helpers. Have grandma come over and watch the 3 year-old or have someone take him for a day. If preschool is in your budget, that can really relieve some of the pressure on you.

    Would you be interested in working on breastfeeding? It sounds like your baby will latch, so we might be able to help you transition to breastfeeding rather than pumping, or at least more breastfeeding in addition to pumping. I'm not suggesting this to make you feel bad about EP, but because nursing might be a time saver and allow you a lot more freedom.

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