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Thread: Thrush advice?

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    Default Thrush advice?

    I am nursing my 17 month old daughter twice a day (wake up and bed time).
    Almost two weeks ago my left nipple became quite inflamed and had (still has) three white blebs, shooting pains in the breast, etc. Daughter had a very mild yeast diaper rash the week before this but it cleared quickly and has had no symptoms since (her pedi won't treat her for thrush since she claims being asymptomatic is extremely rare). I also do not have anything wrong with my right breast (she nurses off both sides). I have severe pain when she latches on the left breast but then no pain once she gets going nursing. My beloved OB retired and I'm between docs (however will be seeing a highly recommended one tomorrow) so I went to a random OB who took one 10 second look and said it's thrush. I'm on day 14 of a 20 day Diflucan treatment (while also using APNO and washing after nursing with diluted GSE) and while the nipple looks better (no longer as swollen), and I had two days of no shooting pain, the pain is back and worse than before. No fever, aches, etc.

    Even worse, it feels like i may be getting a vaginal infection (which boggles my mind being on Diflucan). Of course I'll have the nurse check everything out but I was wondering if this could be anything else (e.g. perhaps just the blebs causing this pain?). I have no plugged ducts internally (all is soft, no lumps).

    I'm also worried about having to stop nursing if this isn't getting better. I'm somewhat turning the corner on being ready to wean but between just moving, her having about 7 teeth coming in, and us about to switch her to a new daycare I just cannot imagine force-weaning my babe right now. Thoughts? Many thanks!

    Edited to add in case it's helpful: Luckily, in these 17 months I've never had mastitis or a yeast infection and the few blebs I had resolved quickly. Daughter's latch I'm sure has changed due to all the teeth coming in but we do plenty of various positions (given she's a toddler and won't sit still, ha).
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    Default Re: Thrush advice?

    I feel your pain! I'm in the midst of a seemingly never ending battle with thrush. Just when I think I've got it to the point where it seems to be getting better and I start to wean off treatments, it rears it's ugly head! I have had some success with making things a little more tolerable though, and I have a few thoughts for you:

    1)What brand of GSE are you using? At first I was using the New Roots brand which was available for purchase locally, but once I switched to the Nutribiotic liquid GSE, it really made a big difference. Also, taking the oral GSE (same brand) tablets has been helpful. I just read Dr. Jay Gordon's site and he suggests swabbing LO's mouth with the diluted GSE before nursing, so I'm personally going to try that tomorrow to see if it helps. Not sure how well that would go over with a 17 month old!

    2)Are you taking a good probiotic at all? How about your LO? you can break open a capsule and sprinkle some on your finger or yogurt or something, or you can get one specifically geared towards kids

    3) Have you tried Gentian Violet? ridiculous messy, but really helped a lot the first time I used it. Didn't last, but it might for you! Definitely worth a try before weaning.

    Hope some of that helps! Good luck with clearing it up

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    Default Re: Thrush advice?

    Ugh, I'm so sorry you are going through this as well!

    I am using Nutribiotic GSE -- 10 drops diluted in about 2oz of water. Ha, I cannot even imagine attempting to swab my 17 month old's mouth! I've also been adding it to the wash to make sure it kills anything that may be on my bras, etc. I'll wait to try the oral GSE tablets until I speak with the NP tomorrow, as I don't want to negatively impact the diflucan. I haven't noticed any difference after using the GSE.

    I am taking a probiotic -- 90 billion live cultures, that includes the ones specifically researched to (possibly) help with this stuff. I do have some bifidus capsules to also give my LO but haven't since I keep being told by her doctor she doesn't have it. But maybe I will anyway since it can't really hurt (she gets yogurt every night after dinner).

    I haven't tried Gentian Violet and would prefer to avoid it but will do if it's recommended by the NP!
    Thanks so much and good luck to you!

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