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Thread: Pain, right breast only

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    I have just given birth to a beautiful baby boy 2 weeks ago today, and in the past couple days I have recently started to have some problems during feedings. My left breast is completely fine, but my right, I am scared and nervous to feed him because the pain is so intense. I have deep breast pain, sore to the touch, and the nipple is the absolute worst. I don't feel any hot spots, lumps, and I don't have a fever. I was wondering if it could be thrush, but that is why I am asking. I have no cracked nipples, the right one is slightly shiny, and have hickeys from him nursing. My baby doesn't have any white spots anywhere in his mouth, but does have a tiny diaper rash that started about four days ago, but has gotten about 70% better since then.
    Any thoughts? I am so desperate and in horrible pain.

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    This is almost surely a latch issue and not thrush. It is quite unusual to have thrush only on one side, but common for latch pain/injury to only be on one side or be worse on one side. Thrush is also overall far less common than latch pain/injury.

    Since you are in such extreme pain my best suggestion is to see an IBCLC asap Like, today or tomorrow at latest. Is that possible for you?

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