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Thread: Pain in Breast (not mastitis or thrush)

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    Default Pain in Breast (not mastitis or thrush)

    My little guy is 12 months and still nurses frequently through the day and night. For the past two weeks or so, my right breast and nipple have been sore. It started out with my nipple being really sore and sensitive. Then my breast became achy. It hurts when he's nursing and when he's not. My breast isn't constantly achy but aches here and there throughout the day but my nipple is always sensitive and is bothered by even my clothes. I went to the doctor last week and she said everything looks fine and really had no idea but I did have a vaginal yeast infection. She ruled out yeast as the cause for my breast issue. I've taken two doses of diflucan and seen no improvement in my pain/irritation. I know for sure that it's not mastitis. The breast pain is achy, that's the best way to describe it. The nipple pain is really irritating and it stings when he latches.

    Some extra notes:

    *This breast has given my trouble since day one. Around the time I found out I was pregnant, this is the one that hurt.

    *I've had mastitis in this breast 3 times over the year.

    *I had trouble getting him to latch onto this breast in the beginning even though nothing appears different in this one compared to the other. No troubles latching now.

    *I haven't had my period yet but I've had some cramping over the past two weeks that makes me believe that it might show up soon. Maybe that's it?

    *No changes in soaps.

    *Sometimes when I'm nursing on this side and he's been there for awhile, this breast has a weird feeling in it (this has been going on for a long time). The best way I can describe it is when you've been running out in the cold and your lungs burn? That burning lungs feeling is what it feels like. My guess is that it's empty and I try to switch him before that feeling comes on. This doesn't happen in the other breast.

    Any ideas of what it could be or how to relieve it? The doctor is sending me for an ultrasound on it this week although neither of us think they're going to find anything unusual.

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    Default Re: Pain in Breast (not mastitis or thrush)

    Hmm, if you hadn't taken Diflucan with no improvement, I would say that this sounds exactly like thrush. Nipple sensitivity, burning pain, random aches, pain in between feedings, plus a vaginal yeast infection? It's like every symptom in the book! Was baby treated for yeast at the same time you were?

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    Default Re: Pain in Breast (not mastitis or thrush)

    I wish I could offer advice but, sadly, just empathy and compassion. I did (do?) have thrush only in my left breast and have been on Diflucan for almost a month but I also have some nipple trauma (blebs and physical trauma from my 17 month old teething) and my doctor thinks much of the pain at this point is due to the latter, not the thrush. But I have almost all of the same symptoms. They started getting better but just last night the pain came back and much worse. It's so frustrating and, unfortunately, tipping me over the edge toward fully weaning (we only nurse sometimes in the morning and every bedtime).

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