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Thread: 13 month old not interested in solids

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    I'm nursing my 3rd child (son) who is thirteen months old and he's not showing any great interest in solids. He would be just happy as can be solely breastfed. I continue trying to feed him at mealtimes but admit I get very lazy since his lack of enthusiasm is so clear and often forego feeding him much else than breastmilk. Admittedly, he's a little small for his age and although he has just started walking, he's not strong enough yet to feel confident, so he crawls around strong instead. He appears very happy and healthy besides being a little small. My other daughter, now 4, was a lot like this and now she is thriving. My question is, is it ok if I have this lackadaisical attitude about solids and continue on just going with his breastfeeding as main diet or should I really push more to get him going in solids. I plan to not wean him until he's ripe and naturally there as I did with my first two. But I'm wondering if there could be a link with his size and not giving more solids or is this just his normal development. Do other women have this issue out there? thanks!
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    My 12 month old is the same way and so am I (in my laziness due to his non-interest). I have no advice, I just wanted to say that I'm in the same boat!

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    It is hard to keep preparing food for your child when that effort just goes to waste. I suggest that when you eat, sit baby on your lap or in highchair next to you and offer your child what you are eating. A year old child can eat pretty much what an adult eats with some minor adjustments as needed.

    Breastmilk is a very complete food. It is the single most nutritionally complete food there is. Ounce per ounce, it contains more or the same calories as most other foods. So a breastmilk only diet will not result in a smaller baby unless there is not enough breastmilk.

    Some breastfed babies post 6 months may need additional minerals given in a vitamin supplement if they are not yet eating solids that contain those nutrients. But not all babies will need this. If you are concerned that any nutritional needs might not be getting met, You might either talk to pediatrician about going ahead and start giving a multi vitamin or request blood tests.

    Not walking steadily yet at 13 months and preferring to crawl is entirely normal.

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