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Thread: Supply issues 5 months

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    Hello, first time poster here and feeling really upset/emotional about potential supply issues. Sorry this is so long!

    My daughter was induced for IUGR so from the beginning of her life I felt like I'd failed her. I was very determined to make breastfeeding work, so we got through a tongue and lip toe, treated at 8 days old, reflux issues, and a possible milk soy protein intolerance - I have been on the mspi diet + no nuts and no eggs since she was 5 weeks and now she is almost 5 months.

    At the beginning, she gained weight amazing. Then right around 2 months, she started having trouble gaining. She would have good weeks and bad weeks. Right around 3 months, she started sleeping through the night and I got my period back. I raised both issues with the pediatrician and she said it was fine and to keep nursing often during the day. I got a mirena birth control since I had my period back. For the last two months now, her weight has continued to be an issue. She goes weeks without gaining at times and then will gain 2-3 oz in a week. In the last month, she gained 6.5 oz. I keep having to go to weight checks but only being told to come back in a few weeks when she doesn't gain, so I went for a second opinion today.

    The new doctor is a breastfeeding advocate and was immediately alarmed that I had my period by 3 months and am on birth control. I should add, I am bleeding a lot from my mirena and have spotted for about 1.5 months now and have had a full period with it. The new pediatrician thinks the sleeping through the night from a young age told my body she was older than she is and slowed down my production. My baby does only nurse a few minutes at a time every 3-4 hours. I try to nurse more but she gets frustrated and pulls away. I just kept getting advice that she was fine, she's alert and happy and meeting milestones, she's efficient, etc. But we can't find any problems with her and it's a red flag that I started my period so early while exclusively breastfeeding. I was concerned about the sleeping through the night so young, but I didn't do anything to encourage it! We co-sleep and I've never attempted to night wean or anything. She just started stretching out her sleep longer and longer.

    In absence of things found wrong with her (we've had lots of tests) but abnormal weight gain and falling down her growth curve (not just the chart, but her curve dropping), in addition to my period coming back, it does seem logical to me that I have low supply now. The dr said I would need to take medication, start pumping, night nursing, etc. I am so upset that I may have been letting her go hungry, and stressed about building my supply back up. Part of me wants to give up, but then I think about not nursing anymore and it breaks my heart. She won't take bottles from me so supplement is hard, and we tried one time to give her hypoallergenic formula and she screamed so hard I immediately gave up and nursed her.

    Does this sound like a supply issue? What can I do to maximize my chances of building supply back up? Should I start waking her at night? I'm really concerned about my stress levels, as I'm an anxious person and starting a part-time job that's causing a lot of anxiety as well. I know that too can affect my supply and may have been all along since I've worried about her weight/reflux/allergies.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    I'm sorry you're in a situation that is so frightening. No mom should have to worry that her choices or the medical advice she received somehow damaged her chances of meeting her breastfeeding goals!

    If you have low supply, I think it is going to be a fixable problem. I think the doctor's advice was basically sound. More night-nursing is usually the easiest way to get more calories into a baby, and if that plus more daytime nursing does not fix the problem, it may be advisable to start pumping in addition to nursing and perhaps take a prescription drug that can increase supply (Reglan or Domperidone). Did the doctor advise getting the Mirena removed? Mirena is supposed to be safe for supply, but there is pretty good anecdotal evidence that for some moms, Mirena can decrease supply or prevent it from increasing when increases are needed. If it were me, I would want to choose a non-hormonal method of contraception, if only for the next 7 months or so!

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    Default Re: Supply issues 5 months

    I just want to let you know that getting your periods may not always indicate a low supply. I got my period back when my daughter was 2 months old, basically bled 4 weeks after delivery and got the period soon after. I was never diagnosed with low supply.
    I had oversupply for the first 3 months, then months 4 and 5 showed a dip in supply- back to work and other stress, but by month 6, I was able to consistently pump and nurse my daughter. We cosleep and I stand by night nursing- even if it was a dream feed. Two of my friends got their periods back around 2-3 months and went on to exclusively nurse (SAHMs) for 2.5-3 years. The best thing to do for your milk supply is to nurse more and stress less.
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