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Thread: Pediatrician Recommendations Raise Eyebrow

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    Default Pediatrician Recommendations Raise Eyebrow

    My pediatrician saw my LO today for his 4 month well child visit. We have recently moved, so this ped was just the luck of the draw. I am a SAHM and have EBF since birth with 0 problems. LO was 9.9 lbs, 21 inches at birth. Today, he weighed in at 19.4 with almost 27 inches for length.

    DH and MIL are pushing for me to add rice cereal to LO evening bottle (to get him to sleep for longer stretches), even though I know this has been proven to be an old wives tale. Ped not only recommended I add rice cereal, (after I told him I wanted to EBF until 6 months), he advised LO be placed on an iron supplement. Ped stated "Most breastfed babies struggle with iron deficiency. So, I'm just going to go ahead and send over a prescription for you. " He did no testing to determine if my LO even had low iron counts!

    Should I supplement my feedings with rice cereal and give my LO the meds? Or do I trust my gut and find a new pediatrician?

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    Trust your gut! I've heard of several pediatricians who say to start solids at 4 months (including mine), heres a link to explain why you wait until 6 months

    Here's info about the iron supplements

    Your Ped is advising on outdated information, and/or he's uneducated on what breastfeeding provides!

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    Default Re: Pediatrician Recommendations Raise Eyebrow

    Trust your gut. If you don't like the advice you got, if you feel like the pediatrician was not listening to you, if you feel like his/her medical knowledge was not up to snuff... Hey, there are plenty of other doctors out there!

    The one caveat I will make about switching doctors is that bad advice on infant feeding is really common. Even good pediatricians will sometimes trot out some real stinkers. That is why I think you look for a pediatrician who is a good diagnostician and who is readily available in an emergency. If that doctor happens to give bad advice about infant feeding, you can freely ignore it.

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    Default Re: Pediatrician Recommendations Raise Eyebrow


    Do you even need to ask? Get thee to a new pediatrician - if that is in any way and option. If it isn't, since you have a healthy baby and have managed just fine for 4 months without following these kind of out-dated suggestions, you can simply ignore this advice and trust your instincts and your knowledge of this area and of your baby. If you need back up for your DH and MIL, show them the infant feeding guidelines from the AAP or for the 'go to" pediatric organization for where ever you are. If you find some weird one that actually says "at 4 months, give baby rice cereal" you will find plenty that do not say that and instead recommend that a variety of foods begin to be offered around 6 months. https://www.aap.org/en-us/advocacy-a...cal+token#none

    We have a fantastic pediatrician now, but this was not always the case and I have heard some real doozies over the years. When I had any doubts I would get out my Sears The Baby Book or The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (which also covers solid introduction) for a quick and cheap second opinion. My Child Won't Eat is also a great source for information in the area of infant feeding and related bad advice.

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    wow, i agree so much with all you mamas! Trust your gut for sure if you don't click with you ped! And arm yourself with good info to support your awesome decision to EBF for 6 months, which is btw the recommendation in USA, Canada and by WHO! sad but true that many peds don't always give great infant feeding advice...

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