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Thread: Relactation with dry nursing toddler

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    I have been nursing my 2.5 year old consistently since birth but my milk seems to have nearly dried up, if not entirely. I wasn't sure if I should post here or in the increasing milk supply section but it seems to be an issue of relactation as I produce mere drops.

    My daughter still nurses to sleep, in the middle of the night, when she gets hurt, etc. I've always struggled with nursing aversion and dry nursing is often incredibly uncomfortable for me. Neither she nor I are ready to wean for a handful of reasons and I feel guilty that I'm not producing. I'd love to be able to have milk for her again and am curious how to go about achieving that.

    Any help would be great!

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    When my daughter was nursing a lot as a toddler and I felt like I did not make enough and nursing was uncomfortable, I tried herbal galactagogues. I had always overproduced so it was weird at first but I had no side effects. I have no idea if they actually increased my production or by how much, but it did help with how I felt when nursing.

    Mom's milk reducing is part of the weaning process. So I think one reasonable option is to accept where things are going and work on positioning and communicating with your daughter how she might nurse more comfortably for you, or limit the length od sessions, etc. Relaxation/meditating techniques really have helped me any time nursing has been uncomfortable.

    However if you want to make a concerted effort to dramatically increase your production, you will probably need to either encourage your baby to nurse more regularly and/or start adding pumping into the mix.

    Also take care of yourself. Busy moms often do not get enough sleep or food or water. Dehydration in particular will really cause milk production to reduce. Also consider if some other issue (medications or something) might be causing lowered production.

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