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Thread: Experience exclusively pumping on one side?

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    Default Experience exclusively pumping on one side?

    I've had a bad nipple wound on my left breast since very first days after birth. My LC prescribed APNO cream which helped a lot, but the wound hasn't closed much at all over the past 5 weeks and is still really painful for the first minute or two of nursing (like toes curling pain, not just minor pain.)

    Has anyone pumped exclusively on one side and nursed on the other? I thought this could help the wound heal so I tried it one day this week and it was disastrous. Baby basically didn't get nearly enough to eat, and I was giving her what I pumped through the day in addition to the good boob. I haven't had milk production issues before, so this was confusing! Any tips/thoughts appreciated!

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    Default Re: Experience exclusively pumping on one side?

    Welcome to the forum!

    Can you tell us a bit more about your situation? I'm curious to know how much you could pump from the injured side, and how you knew the baby needed both breasts in order to get enough to eat?

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    Default Re: Experience exclusively pumping on one side?

    I highly recommend looking into http://www.amoriniusa.com I wish I had known about it sooner. I had severely damaged nipples. I tried apno and it only worked so much. I've been wearing the silver nipple shields religiously for 2 months and my nipples are so much better.

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