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    I've been exclusively pumping for my 4 week old preemie since day one. My daughter was born 9 weeks early and had a 3 week 5 day stay in the NICU. My milk supply has always been less than adequate. I pump every three hours, every 4 over night. If I'm lucky I get 15ml from my right breast and 20ml from my right. It's always been this amount from the time my milk came in until now. I've tried many things, oatmeal, fenugreek, lactation cookies and increase water intake. My daughter has been supplemented with formula since she was in the NICU as I don't produce enough for her feeds. She eats anywhere from 35-50ml each feed. I am having 2 issues.. My milk production or lack there of, and the fact that even after I pump I still always feel as though my breast are still full. I could pump right away after a 20 minute session and I'll get about 10ml total out. Half hour later my breasts both are aching, tingling & feel as I must pump right away. I don't know other than hand expression and massage while pumping to help these issues. I've tried both with no result.
    Has anyone ever had similar issues??
    Any advice is appreciated!

    Sincerely, a worn out pumping mommy.

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    Maybe it's the type of pump you are using? I also know some women just don't respond well to the pump. Looking into legendairy milk on etsy. I know she has pills that are suppose to help women who respond poorly to pumps. I purchase her liquid gold and it helps keep my supply up.

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    Since your pump frequency is excellent, poor response to the pump seems a likely suspect. What sort of machine are you using? Ideally, a mom who is EP is going to use a hospital-grade rental pump. Shield size also matters. If you feel like you experience loss of suction or painful chafing when pumping, or even if you don't, it probably makes sense to experiment with different shield sizes and see if you have a change in output.

    Is thee anything going on with your health that might be an issue? Was the baby's birth very difficult? Was there a high-volume blood loss? Do you have any pre-existing conditions, e.g., thyroid problems or PCOS, that might explain difficulty with supply? Any breast injury or surgery? Are you using hormonal contraception, and if so, what kind? I know that's a random-seeming list of questions, but believe me, these issues can be relevant!

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    @llli*ashleygaff, just found this post - did you get the issue sorted? It definitely sounds to me like your pump isn't helping you out enough - I have been EPing for 8months+1week now (never thought I'd make it this far!), and I have found that a tiny bit of olive oil inside the flanges (reduces friction) turned pumping from a painful chore to an almost JOYFUL experience - and it almost doubled my production immediately, I guess mainly because it no longer hurt and I could relax. Then all the basics...drink lots of water, etc. And to anyone looking for a good-quality electric pump that won't break the bank...the Spectra Baby 9+ is portable and mine is a part of me at the moment...I go nowhere without it!

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