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    Hi. I think I've created a monster. When my baby was just a few days old and my milk started coming in, I pumped at night to help my milk production. I woke up the next morning with rock hard beasts and decided to pump again. My baby is now almost three weeks old and I am tied to my pump at midnight and again when I wake up. My breasts are so full and hard that it hurts into my armpits so I have had no choice! I really want this to stop.

    I do feel like I have an oversupply as during the day my baby doesn't tend to empty a breast with one feeding. So I have started doing some block feeding. However, this doesn't help with my pumping problem at nighttime. I have started pumping for only five minutes at my midnight session, but that seems to make the pain worse come morning time.

    Any suggestions on how I can decrease my nightly milk supply?!?


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    I suggest, wake baby up so baby will nurse more often overnight, and ease gradually back on the pumping while making sure you are not getting engorged. If you can hand express instead of pump when you start feeling full, that may be better, but you do want to avoid getting so engorged. Best way overall to do that is to encourage baby to nurse frequently.

    Many moms make more milk than baby needs at this age. It tends to even out after a few weeks all on it's own. It is generally NOT suggested that mothers block feed this early, because block feeding may lead to too much of a milk production reduction in the long run, and in the short run, makes mom more prone to issues like plugs and mastitis at a time she is already more vulnerable as she is still recovering from childbirth and very low on sleep.

    Here is more on block feeding do's and don'ts: http://www.nancymohrbacher.com/artic...=Block+Feeding

    Feeding a baby on one side at a time, assuming baby is nursing with normal to high frequency (10-15+ times a 24 hour day) may be helpful and fine. That is not considered block feeding.

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    Thank you thank you thank you! That article on block feeding makes lots of sense!

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