Hello! I had mastitis 6 times throughout my 20-month nursing journey with our first LO (weaned while pregnant about 5 months ago). Antibiotics never actually helped, it always subsided once I was able to clear a plugged duct, and usually seemed triggered by a stressful/busy time.

Our new baby is now 6 days old and I have a problem I've never encountered before. Nursing overall has been going well but as of a few hours ago I have a very hard and engorged part of my right breast, the upper/outer right quadrant only. However, it does NOT seem to be a plugged duct, as when LO nurses or I push on it, it does drain, it just seems to fill up faster and more forcefully than the rest of the breast. Somehow is it possible that just that part of the breast became overstimulated? Otherwise my supply is probably on the high side, but but my breasts feel generally drained after a feed.

Because of my history of mastitis I'm terrified to leave any hard lumpy parts alone, so after and before LO does her thing I've been pressing on the hard part to get more milk out, but trying not to completely drain it so as to stimulate more supply. I'm still terrified, though, as I've been dealing with some other health problems the last few weeks (crohn's) and I feel like a bout of mastitis would be more than I can handle right now. Any advice would be appreciated! I was considering using a cabbage leaf for just one 20 minute stretch tomorrow (have never tried cabbage). Any thoughts? Thank you in advance!!