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Thread: Falling off weight charts?

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    I can only assume SAV was referring to my B-12 message, and all I can say is that I am sorry for your ignorance.

    I have nursed my 3 children, and passionately oppose formula (I myself even drank it for a week to try to figure out blood in my youngest's stool, so that he wouldn't be put on it and could continue nursing) He is also the one who has stopped gaining, and whose head circumference is slipping down the growth chart. We recently found out that he has high MMA. This means the B-12 he has (in the normal range) isn't working. This is a very common problem, it just isn't widely known yet. I believe that nursed babies get enough milk. I don't even believe that supplementing is usually a good idea (though for the mom's who have to I am not judging you). But, I felt like when I read about a vegan mom (or mom's who manipulate diets for allergies - which I have done ad nauseum with two of my children, I am a master of diet manipulation, food journals, and testing stool daily for occult blood) that some of these babies and/or mommies should be checked for B-12 deficiency (actually high MMA). Mom's with asymptomatic pernicious anemia, or those who are vegetarian or vegan can pass on B-12 deficiency to their babies. Should they stop nursing? NO. Should they maybe get checked? YES.

    Ignore me if you want to, it's your perrogative certainly. At least I can sleep at night knowing I have shared this information. Failure to thrive, mental retardation, and neurological problems are not something I would want to miss because I didn't want to ask for a urine test. Not that this is everyone's issue - people come in all sizes, some are just small. But if this helps 1/100 then it was worth the criticism I just received.

    Ashley, Dylan, and Jack's mom

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    Quote Originally Posted by gnzlngr
    I can only assume SAV was referring to my B-12 message

    I'm sorry your feelings are hurt. If you read the following, you'll be able to see that SAV wasn't referring to your message at all!

    Quote Originally Posted by Silver
    People always comment on his appearance and how tiny he looks.
    Quote Originally Posted by SAV
    Meanwhile, ignore all these comments that drive us crazy.

    I can see that you have very strong feelings about B-12 deficiency, and it is clear that you wish to help other mothers who may be experiencing what you did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silver
    Hi, I am wondering if this is a problem or not. My son was born 8.8oz which is in the 75th percentile for weight. Since then he has been consistently falling and now at three months is less than the 5%ile. Today at three months he weighed 10.11oz. We are working thorugh some slow weight gain issues but I do't want him to suffer in the meantime. He is very long just really thin. People always comment on his appearance and how tiny he looks. Anyone else out htere with tall skinny babies? Is there a breastfeeding babies chart out there?

    This sounds almost identical to the situation with my son. We had a lot of issues, but I honestly think that some of it was due to my son having a very high metabolism. That kid was always moving! Anyway, are you feeding him on demand? I found with my son that I literally needed to feed him every hour to 90 minutes to keep up. His weight percentage was even low on the breastfeeding growth chart, BUT my son was always alert and developmentally right on schedule. And now as an almost 5 year old he is doing well and back in the 75%+ range for both weight and height.

    Hang in there.

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    There was a long feature article in the Globe and Mail (Canada) about delayed growth last summer. (Sorry I don't have more details, but you can probably track this down.) They reported medical research on babies who "fall off the charts" after normal weight at birth. The findings were that these children experience a slowing or pause in their growth curve that follows them through life, so that they also experience puberty significantly later. These babies are healthy, but don't exhibit typical growth patterns. My interpretation of this was that growth pauses are part of the normal variation found in any population.

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