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Thread: Deciding on a pump. Please help

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    Question Deciding on a pump. Please help

    I am trying to choose between 4 different breast pumps that my insurance will cover. I am hoping for any feedback you may have regarding your experience with any of these pumps as well as comparisons if you have used more than one of them.

    Thank you in advance.

    Medela Pump In Style Advanced Personal Breast Pump

    Ameda Purely Yours Electric Breast Pump

    Spectra S2 Starter - Double Electric Breast Pump

    Ardo Calypso - Essentials Plus - Breast Pump

    I was fortunate to be handed down a used pump as well. a Spectra S2 which has a closed system so it should be ok to share especially if I replace tubing. Any thoughts on sharing pumps?
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    Default Re: Deciding on a pump. Please help

    I've collected some comments from moms on the Forums about different pumps and put them together here: http://ref.lllvawv.org/Breast_Pump_Reviews

    There are moms' opinions on that page about the Medela PISA, Ameda Purely Yours, and Spectra 2, but I don't have anything about the Ardo Calypso. I hadn't actually heard of that one before; I'll have to keep my eye out for reviews....

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