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Thread: Help DS is Sick!!!

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    Exclamation Help DS is Sick!!!

    Just to give you guys a look at whats going on.. DS is 9 weeks old :-) I recently went back to work(last week), while at Daycare DS would eat 8-12 oz, and now DS is sick!!! I don't know what to do.. he wont eat! at Sitter he'll eat like 6 oz.. and at home he barely eats.. and there aren't enough wets. :-(
    I'm soo worried.. at night (12am to 5 am) he usually ate 2x or more now he doesn't want the breast at all!!!

    Ladies I need your advise and wisdome :-)

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    Here's some good information about a variety of baby illnesses and the impact it may have on breastfeeding. http://www.kellymom.com/health/illne...y-illness.html
    One thing I saw glancing at it is that ear infections sometimes cause a baby not to nurse, so you might want to get that checked out. Cup feeding may be a way to give your baby ebm that might be easier for him.

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    Oh dear, I'm sure you're worried.

    What are your son's symptoms? When did they start? Is he running any fever? How many wet diapers has he made in the past 24 hours? When did he start refusing the breast altogether?

    You might consider giving your son's doctor a call ... even on the weekend or at night, there is probably an answering service that can connect you at least to a nurse to discuss the situation and help you determine how urgent it is.

    Dehydration can get serious very quickly in a young infant, so if his urine is darker and less frequent than normal and you can't get him to nurse or accept expressed breast milk somehow, you definitely need to call his doctor right away.

    I hope he recovers very soon -- hang in there.

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    thinking about you and hope all is well. Pls update!!

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