Breastfeeding Today, Issue 35, June 2016


Early motherhood can be overwhelming and when you are facing it without much support even more so. Teresa Pitman explores ways of nurturing yourself when you have to cope alone.

Leigh Anne O’Connor debunks the myth that obesity prevents breastfeeding and looks at the issues for plus size mothers.

And Katja Leccisi talks about weight gain during pregnancy in her series on Eating Well during Pregnancy in the “What’s Cooking?” column.

Breastfeeding with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) may not be straightforward. One mother shares her experience and we provide some resources for mothers with this diagnosis.

Melissa Clark Vickers considers how as parents we’ve become overly reliant on measuring time and why this is not such a good idea.

Jamie Morea tells her story of giving birth prematurely and how important breastfeeding was to strengthening her baby’s immune system.

La Leche League Leaders have a common belief system founded upon ten concepts and poet Alison Jones illustrates the first one, “Mothering through Breastfeeding” in verse.

Dawn Tucker relates what happened when she reached out to LLL for help.

In response to the mother whose two-year-old is not happy to separate from her, we publish your letters that reassure her she isn’t making her daughter clingy.

Please will you share your story or write a referenced article? Share breastfeeding photos? Or video talks?

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