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Thread: giving up that last session

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    Default giving up that last session

    Hi, everyone,

    My daughter (26 months) has been down to just her "going night night" session for quite a while now. When I'm not home, she's fine, but when I am home, she won't accept not nursing as part of her bedtime routine. I'm notin a rush, but I would like to wean her within a few months. Any suggestions? It is hard to distract her or change the nightly bath/potty/pajamas/book/nurse/night night routine (and all the little things that have to be part of that routine) too drastically.


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    you could just pick a date and stick with it. try a weaning party... some kids are realy into that. your child is a little bit young to understand that.
    The great thing about nursing an older child it keeps them healthy over the winter. My dd was 3 in June she still loves her before bed nurse and then 1st thing in the morning. With older sibblings it's great for them to keep healthy over the winter.

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