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    almost 9 months old (has cut two teeth recently); she's my second child (no issues nursing my first kid at all)

    She can go a long time without nursing (more than 4 hours) so I've been feeding her real food.

    I know she wants the breast milk because she'll take it from a bottle

    I pump 10 min per side for missed feedings BUT I barely get more than an ounce (total). I'd love to bottle feed, but my freezer supply is gone and I can't express enough. Does the lack of expressed milk mean I'm not making any? Or that I'm not pumping long enough?

    I also pump an extra 5 min per side after she does nurse

    Nursing sessions are under 5 min sometimes

    I'm hydrating and taking Mother Milk Plus elixir 4x a day

    Lactation person recs didn't help, though I'm still doing what she said to do and they are so $$$$$

    Should I switch to formula? It's not like I can even temper it with breast milk so what if she refuses it too?

    Feel helpless.

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    Is she refusing all nursing sessions? My lo is 10 months and most nursing sessions are under 5 mins long except the nap/bedtime ones. How often is she nursing day and night? Again my lo goes around 3-4 hours during the day and she is offered solids 3 times a day. How much solids are being offered and in what manner? Baby led or spoon fed? Does she take water? If so how much and when?

    Pump output does not reflect milk production. Babies are very efficient at removing milk, the amount they can remove in five minutes can be far more than what a pump can remove in 10, 15, 20 minutes. Would you pump regularly? As in, is your body used to it? Is your pump well-used? Could it need replacement parts, like valves etc? I've read on here that can be an issue and it is easily fixed. I also think around the 9-10 month mark pumping output can dip, but it doesn't mean your supply has dipped if baby is still feeding regularly enough day/night.

    Pump wise, I don't respond to my electric pump (I've used it about 4 times, what a waste of money!). What's works for me is hand expressing; usually I will do this if my lo is fussy and nurses for a second or two then pulls off but a let down happens. I'll then hand express both and can get about 2 oz if she was due a feed, otherwise I get around 1oz.

    Some days my lo does not take a lot during the day from breast and I express into sippy and give it to her (which she usually guzzles down). I'm not sure if it's because she wanted milk but didn't want to nurse or if she guzzles it because it's quicker and easier to 'take it all' without her listening to her own hunger cues.

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    If this were my baby, I would offer to nurse a lot more often- around every 1-2 hours- and reduce the "real food" portions. It's not that there is something wrong with feeding the baby solids at 9 months. It's simply that feeding a baby a lot of solids can allow her to skip nursing sessions. When you have a healthy baby who is at a normal weight, it will not hurt to reduce her allowance of solid food as you work to get nursing back on track. At 9 months, breastmilk is as real as it gets, foodwise!

    It might also help to take baby into a dark, quiet, low-distraction environment when you want her to nurse. 9 month-olds are often very busy with playing and learning and watching their older siblings do interesting things, and they may skip nursing sessions as a result. Making nursing calm, snuggly, and a little bit boring may help the baby focus.

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    thank you for your replies; you were a big help.

    The strike seems to be over -- and (not so) coincidentally, a third tooth finally popped through the gum!

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