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Thread: Poor nursing

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    Default Poor nursing

    My sweet daughter does not seem to be breasfeeding as well as she has been today. She is not able to feed as long and I worried that something is wrong. We visited with the lactation consultant yesterday and she had gained back almost 4 ounces in two days, so has been doing quite well on the breast milk. Her diaper output has been okay so far today, but I am worried that she is not getting enough. I have been feeding her on demand, do you think that there is anything to be worried about.


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    How old is your baby?
    Does she have a fever or seem stuffed up or anything?

    If it's just today, I wouldn't worry, but if it continues, then it may be a problem.

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    Did you work on your latch when you saw the lc? It is possible that she isn't feeding as long because she is being more effecient.

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    I agree with the PP that your LO may be getting more effecient at nursing. Also, from what I have read on this forum, it is not uncommon for your LO to have days where she will nurse a lot more or a lot less. Just watch the diaper output. You are doing a great job!
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