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Thread: Anyone still supplementing feed with formula in 4 months old

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    Default Anyone still supplementing feed with formula in 4 months old

    Hi all,

    My LO is 4 months old. I've been BFing her and supplementing the feed with alimentum formula (milk allergy and a long story). Now, some days her poop is green in color. My ped told me it could be bcoz of iron in d formula, and she wasn't worried about it. But, I am afraid I am giving her more iron than she required. like I eat lot of iron rich food (BFing) and at the same time give her more formula too. is it fine? or should I reduce the supplements? I dont think there is a alimentum without iron. apart from this she seems to have some tummy pain and spits up a lot lately..Just please help me figure out this. Am I doing it rite?

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    Default Re: Anyone still supplementing feed with formula in 4 months

    It's fine to eat iron-rich foods and supplement with formula. You won't overdose your child on iron that way.

    Do you want to be supplementing? Or would you prefer to breastfeed exclusively? If you would like to breastfeed exclusively, or even to think about exclusive breastfeeding, we will be more than happy to talk through the nuances of weaning off of supplements and milk allergies, even if it involves a long backstory!

    For the record, spit-up is completely normal in 4 month-old babies. It's not happening because of allergies, or because baby is overeating at the breast (that doesn't happen). It's all about babies having short esophagi (less distance for milk to travel in order to get back into the mouth), spending a lot of time on their backs (gravity is not helping keep stomach contents down), and having relatively weak muscle sphincters at the opening to their stomach (much easier for stomach contents to slip past than when sphincter is well-developed). In my experience, spit-up also tends to increase in frequency when the baby becomes more mobile- all that rolling and squirming jostles the baby's tummy and makes spit-up more likely.

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