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Thread: Lost and need help!!!

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    I'm 12 weeks pregnant and did have a joyfull breastfeeding relationship with my now 23 months old daughter. For the last 2 months I've Been told to stop nursing for the sake of the unborn baby by my ob-gyn and husband and relatives... I do know it is not a necessity but I'm all on my own and if any complications would happen i'd blame myself. so for the last Couple of days I've commited to weaning.Actually i dont offer dont refuse for Couple of months and I' ve been talking to her about weaning every now and then. For the last month we reduced our sessions to: when i came from work, sleeptime, nightfeeds and morning.we eliminated all nursings from boredom, anger, thirst etc...I know all she needs is closeness and rest..now we're trying to sleep by Story and usually manage to do so.(but only a 5 minute long cry-fuss seems like an hour!!) now i'm trying to find the least harmful way of weaning the other Feeds. Puting vinegar on nipples, cover with bandage, leave the house for a Couple of nights(dad or grandma will take over)?? Or not doing all these horrible things and let her cry in my arms (while cuddling kissing..) I hate the idea of sudden weaning!!! I'm really lost and need answers and advice from mamas who had been there and belive in attachment parenting..Sorry for the long post i really needed to express my feelings and thanku for reading!
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    I'm sorry, I don't have direct experience with this since I'm not at that stage yet. But I'm just curious what the reasons are that you are being given for weaning "for the sake of the unborn baby?" I may be wrong but from what I understand there is no harm to the baby if you continue to breastfeed. That may be outdated advice you are getting, but hopefully someone with more information/experience can clarify. If you WANT to wean, that is one thing, but I personally wouldn't keep trying if it's not what you really want. I hate when people have to stick their nose in other people's business! I hope I'm correct in saying that there is no issue in you continuing, but let's see if some other mamas can provide more info!
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    I guess I'm the same as previous poster. I have no experience but I'm not sure why it would cause complications for unborn baby unless there is some very specific difficulty with your pregnancy? I know of many women who nursed through pregnancy and tandem feed. I know others whose babies weaned around second trimester when milk supply I believe tends to drop. I think my personal view on weaning is only do it when it feels right for you and baby, not because others are telling you that you need to. You say you had a joyful breastfeeding relationship - why not let those last feeds continue? If you don't want to tandem feed simply keep up the don't offer/don't refuse and distraction and with natural milk supply dips you may find your little ones happily weans over the weeks to come.
    I hope other mummies who have this experience reply, my comments are just my feelings on it all!

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    with both the PPs. There's no reason to think that you have to wean, unless you are at high risk for preterm labor or something like that. Normal healthy pregnancy = no reason to wean.

    My mom was forced to wean me and my siblings early due to similar pressure from family, especially her mother-in-law, who was a terrific combination of nosy, opinionated, and domineering! The only thing my mom regrets today is bowing to their pressure, and weaning before she was ready.

    If you do decide to wean, La Leche League advises against "aversive" weaning techniques like putting foul-tasting substances on the nipples. However, spending a few days away from your baby may work, and is generally not the worst way to wean- baby doesn't expect to nurse when mom is not there. But again, this all seems like a cruel thing to do to you, if you are not ready to wean!!!!

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