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Thread: I need help!!

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    Question I need help!!

    Okay.. So I am a new mother.. & I don't really know much about breastfeeding except for the basics. My son has no issues latching, or eating etc. He is five months However.. my supply has gone down.. & I'm not supplying enough to feed him. I would like to stock up. I'm currently only making 2 oz on both breasts, and he is eating 6 oz. I supplement the difference with formula..& I really wish I didn't have to. Is there any way I can boost my supply?? I really appreciate any help!

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    Hi and welcome!

    When you say you are not supplying enough, do you mean, you are not pumping enough when you are at work or for some other reason separated from baby?

    If so, it would help to know:

    How long you and baby are separated, how many days each week, and how often you pump over the separation and if you pump other times as well.
    What kind of pump and are you sure it is in perfect working condition, fits you correctly, and does not have any worn parts.
    How many times a 24 hour day baby nurses when you are not are work
    How many times baby is bottle fed while you and baby are separated, and how much baby is fed over the entire separation. (your milk plus formula)

    How is baby's weight gain.

    6 ounces is a rather large meal. Sometimes moms are not able to keep up because their baby is being overfed with bottles. It is really easy to inadvertently overfeed with bottles.

    There are ways to boost production and ways to boost pump output. But being able to pump 2 ounces at a time is in the range of normal pump output. It would help to understand if your milk production itself is down, or just your pump output, as those are not exactly the same things.

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    I agree with maddie. Why do you think your baby needs 6oz at any feeding? 2oz IS in the normal range. You could make more. And your baby could eat more. But if you are nursing on demand, you would just make those two oz MORE OFTEN rather than ever making 6 oz at a time. Supply going down from the beginning is also totally normal. It's supply and demand. So that period of time where you breasts get all engorged? You WANT that to go away and it usually does in the 1st 6weeks as your body gets accustomed to making what your baby actually needs.

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