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Thread: Reverse cycling and rejection of bottles!

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    Default Reverse cycling and rejection of bottles!

    My almost 8 month old baby reverse cycled a month ago and has started to refuse her bottle feeds while I am at work. We cosleep so I really don't mind the night feeds (around 6 times a night, one breast at a time). I also nurse her twice in the morning before I leave for work, once at lunch, once after getting back home and once before bed (these are all both breasts at a time). Starting last week, she has been refusing her bottles, sippy cups etc when there is breastmilk in it. The max she drank a day was 6 oz, although it is usually 3-6oz. I pump 4 times a day (once between the two morning feeds, at 10:30am, and twice after lunch and get 7-10oz depending on the day). Starting last week, LO has been drinking around 3oz at day care (around an oz in the morning and 2 oz afte lunch), and it is stressing me out. They said had they not been persistent, she would have done fine without the bottles. I was told it is fine (by fellow mothers at work) as she nurses a lot. She has solids 3 times a day (a jar of fruit/veggie or protein per feed). I have tried decreasing the solids and there was no significant change, maybe an oz more. Is this normal? She has plenty of wet diapers a day (around 11-12, and poops twice a day). She is not a huge baby, tall but skinny (85th percentile for height and 25th percentile for weight). I am worried she will get dehydrated in this summer and I am crying over all the breastmilk that the day care has to throw out because she might take a sip and refuse the bottle altogether.

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    It sounds to me like you have nothing to worry about. Baby is nursing lots, peeing/pooping lots. For an 8 month old it sounds like a lot of solids. How big are the jars? I don't think my kids ate more than 1-2 "solid meals" until after 10 months. Could you send 1oz bottles to the daycare?

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    Thank you so much for replying! Baby is taking stage 2 jars (earth's best), I think they are around 4 oz each. She takes some cereals as well, about 1/4 cup of cereals a day (oatmeal). I basically decreased her solids, to 1.5 jars a day and 1/4 cup cereals, and it did not make any difference. She pooped only once (instead of twice) and pretty much followed her schedule. She takes so much solids because my parents and my husband's parents baby sat her till a month ago and they were all big on solids. I had immense pressure to switch to formula as my baby was "too skinny" but somehow baby gags on formula so she completely refused it and I could breastfeed her. As of now I am sending 3 1oz and one 2 oz bottle to day care. The 2 oz bottle is hardly touched and basically carried over to the next day. It is 100 degree here and it baffles me that she is not thirsty!

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