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Thread: Breast Refusal at 3 months when tired or upset

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    My baby is just over three months old and had been a champion nurser - gaining around a pound a week for the first month. Up until the last week or two when she was fussing or very upset I could usually calm her with nursing but now she will flat out refuse the breast, even when I'm pretty sure she is hungry, if she is upset at all. I think she is still getting enough nutrition because I've been dream feeding her in the mornings and at some naps. She also always has a long nurse whenever she wakes up. The big changes we made over the last months are that we introduced occasional pacifiers and occasional bottles. Curious to hear if anyone has had a similar experience or has any advise . Thanks,

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    3-4 months is a notorious time for changes in nursing habits even when baby is exclusively breastfed. Usually these are not really a problem and are temporary.

    But bottles and pacifier use can create nursing issues with some babies. How occasional are the bottles and pacifiers? once a day, once a week? etc. Is baby typically cue fed/encouraged to nurse for comfort otherwise, or is baby on any type of feeding or sleeping schedule? (Those can also cause issues.)

    Do you think your situation is getting problematic- in the sense that baby might not be getting enough to eat or milk is not being taken from your breasts often enough for good milk production? Or does it look like baby is starting to transitioning to a 'night only' nurser, (this can become a big issue where baby refuses to nurse during the day at all and will only nurse when asleep or at night)? In that case, I would suggest consider eliminating or reducing bottles and pacifiers for now unless of course they are necessary due to separations. If they are necessary, there are ways to make bottle feeding more like breastfeeding and that might help.

    Since baby gained so fast in the first 3 months, you may have had some overproduction. Sometimes when mom's OP begins to reduce, flow rate also begins to reduce and some babies object. Do you think that may be going on at all? If so, it is probably just a matter of time until baby gets used to the new normal.

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