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Thread: Birth control/green mucus poop?

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    Default Birth control/green mucus poop?

    Hi everyone,

    I started taking Nora B birth control mini pill a few months ago. It was shortly after that when I noticed my babies poop started getting really green and mucusy. I'm wondering if anyone experienced something similar? I know it's not supposed to affect breastfeeding at all, but just wondering your thoughts. Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Birth control/green mucus poop?

    As long as baby's weight gain has continued to be normal, I think it's unlikely that the poop change has anything to do with the birth control. The most common cause of green poop is oversupply, followed by intestinal illness (a.k.a. a tummy bug), followed by allergy/intolerance to something in mom's diet at a very distant third.

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    Default Re: Birth control/green mucus poop?

    Thanks for replying! I'm concerned because she's only been gaining about 2 ounces a week...

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    Default Re: Birth control/green mucus poop?

    Can you tell us how old your baby is, and give a weight check history from birth? Try to note the times different scales were used.
    Is baby getting anything to eat or drink aside breastmilk at the breast? If so, what else and when was that started and how much and how many times a day?
    About how many times in 24 hours does baby nurse?
    Is baby's doctor concerned about baby's weight gain?
    Are other growth measures (length, head circ) normal?

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    My baby is 14 weeks and she weighs 8.15 pounds. The following is her weight history.
    -Birth weight 6.11 and discharge weight 6.9. She was back at her birth weight 1 week old.
    2/23- 7.36
    3/3- 7.8.4
    4/6-8.3(diff scale)
    5/3-8.14 (diff scale)
    She poops around 4-6 times a day and most of them are explosive, brown/green, mucus, some with specs of blood. I've been off all dairy and soy for 2 weeks and no improvement. She doesn't spit up and generally is a happy baby (knock on wood!). I haven't noticed any type of rash and she has plenty of wet diapers too. She transfers between 2-3 ounces per feed at least 10 times a day. The doctor is more concerned about her weight than her stools. Thank you for your help!

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    Default Re: Birth control/green mucus poop?

    Oops, I meant to put her last weight on 5/5 as 8.14.1!

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    Default Re: Birth control/green mucus poop?

    So birth date was January 30th?

    I am sorry I cannot understand some of those numbers- what does 7.8.4 mean? Does 8.3 mean 8 lbs and 3 ounces? If so, then what does 7.36 mean? It would help to have all the weights clearly in pounds and ounces and with a day of life attached, if possible. I know it is a lot of work but it might help to know when exactly the gain issues started or if the gain has always been slow. Could the drop off coincide with the time you started on bc, or with baby being ill, or something else? Sometimes you want to look for clues like that.

    But let's look at overall gain for the moment. If baby's lowest known weight on about day 2 or 3 was 6 pounds and 9 ounces, and baby's weight at about 3 months (5/3) was 8 pounds 14 ounces, that is 37 ounce gain over 12 weeks, or an average gain of 3 ounces per week. That is certainly below the range of what is considered normal gain rate for birth to 3 months.

    If your baby is getting between 2 and 3 ounces every nursing session, and is nursing 10 times a day or more, that is 20 to 30 ounces a day and 30, at least, although possibly not 20, would generally be enough for normal gain. I am not sure how you know how much baby is getting every time baby nurses?

    If you know for sure your baby is getting enough milk and your baby's gain is well below average, what explanation has your pediatrician given for the slow gain? The stools in a well gaining baby would probably be no cause for concern, but since baby is not gaining normally, they may provide clues for what might be going on.

    Have you ever seen an IBCLC to help rule out breastfeeding issues?

    Baby nurses 10 times a 24 hour day, or more? And the sessions are typically what length, about? One breast or two? Does baby typically end the session?

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    Sorry for the confusion. The 7.8.4 is 7 pounds 8.4 ounces, and the 7.36 is supposed to be 7 pounds, 3.6 ounces. The May 5 weight of 14 pounds 1 ounce was at the Lactation appt. She was 8 pounds 15.8 ounces when I weighed her this morning. I've been seeing a ibclc once a week for about 2 months. And the milk transfer has been between 2-3 ounces at the appts. I've been renting a medala scale for the past week and I'm able to track how much she transfers each feeding. My ibclc says latch is good. The nursing sessions are about 45 minutes and I let her finish the first breast before moving on to the second one. She usually ends the session because she pulls off or falls asleep and doesn't want any more. She was born January 28th and I started the pill on March 13th. I do have to add that I haven't taken the pill since Wednesday night. And yesterday and today my baby has only had 3 poops/day compared to the average 4-6. But they are still full of mucus, sometimes specs of blood and more green than not. I have her scheduled with a GI specialist this coming week. I just can't figure it out...

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    I also forgot to add I've had my milk tested and it's a little above avg for fat and calories. The doctor didn't mention why she thinks the slow weight gain might be. I've supplemented with expressed milk before and that did not affect her weight gain. Plus I have mixed feelings on supplementing because it takes away from time at the breast. What are your thoughts?

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    Default Re: Birth control/green mucus poop?

    Ok I get it, I thought that might be it, but wanted to be sure.

    You have been seeing an IBCLC weekly for 2 months-, I assume due to the slow gain- or some other problem? Does she think there is any issue connected to breastfeeding? What did she think about the poop look? Did she have any theories as to why baby might be gaining slowly? Did she mention that BC might be an issue for milk production?

    When a baby is gaining slowly, one technique for getting more milk into baby is to switch nurse- encourage baby to switch sides more than once per session, or at least once. In other words, "finish the first breast first" while fine and appropriate if baby is gaining well, is not always considered the best way to help a baby get more milk more quickly. Another suggestion when a baby is not gaining well is to do breast compressions while baby nurses. If you google Jack Newman Breast compressions you will find info on this technique. Of course if you and your IBCLC are sure the issue is unrelated to milk intake, then such measures may not be needed. But they could not hurt, either.

    I am glad you had your milk tested and are confident your milk has enough calories and fat. As far as I know, weight gain issues related to breastfeeding are about how much milk baby is eating, not the makeup of the breastmilk. In other words, I have never heard of a mother's milk NOT having enough fat and calories. However I think when a baby seems to be getting plenty of milk but not gaining well, it is helpful to be able to show the doctor that the problem is not the fat or calories or lack thereof in your milk.

    If you and IBCLC feel certain baby is getting enough milk both overall and during each nursing session, I think it is very important that you keep looking for answers. Poor gain might be an indication that baby is ill or has some condition that is causing baby to grow slowly. Unfortunately, breastfeeding is too often simply blamed for poor gain with no further evidence, and mothers are told to supplement with formula, or in some cases, told to stop nursing entirely. This of course only delays proper diagnoses of the real problem and obviously weaning has possible health risks for both mom and baby.

    If you know that baby is able to transfer milk normally, and it sounds like you do, I would say it does not seem to make much sense to pump and give that expressed milk to baby. If baby needs more milk overall, encouraging baby to nurse more often and perhaps trying switch nursing and/or breast compressions as mentioned above will help baby get more milk at the breast.

    Poop frequency normally reduces any time after 6 weeks or so in many well gaining babies. A perfectly healthy well gaining baby of 3 months may not poop more often than every several days, some going a week or more between poops as a regular thing. In other words, the reduction in poop frequency is not in any way a reliable indicator of lower milk intake after about 6 weeks of age.

    IF your birth control acted to lower your milk production and you have been on it for 2 months, it is unlikely you would see an improvement in milk production in just a few days. In fact it is possible in such cases that production may not rebound at all. But I have no idea if this (your BC) is the problem or not. However, I would strongly suggest reporting slow gain in baby while on this BC to someone- who, I am not sure.

    If possible, before you see the GI specialist, I would suggest you read this protocol from the academy of breastfeeding medicine for allergic proctocolitus in the breastfed baby. http://www.bfmed.org/Media/Files/Pro...ish_120211.pdf
    I would also strongly suggest reading the book My Child Won't Eat by Carlos Gonzalez, also asap. It is fairly short and inexpensive to purchase online. This is an important book for anyone with a slowly gaining baby or child to read.
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