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Thread: Recovering supply after stomach flu

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    Default Recovering supply after stomach flu

    Last week my 3 month old baby came down with a stomach flu that both my husband and I ended up getting.

    It was very bad and led to both of us not being able to stomach much food for the past 6 days. We're getting better, but still not at 100% (baby was over it in 2 days, go breastfeeding!)

    I've noticed a significant decrease in my supply since then. I've lost about 6 to 8 ounces of milk during the day (known from pumping), and I can see this during my weekend of exclusively breastfeeding with baby as she was constantly hungry.

    I think the biggest problem is my nighttime supply; baby is only waking once a night, and whereas this use to result in me waking up pretty full every morning (which was great because I would pump a ton for baby's bottles in the morning) I'm waking up with soft breasts that baby then sucks the rest out of and I have nothing for pumping at work.

    I've been taking fenugreek for the past 5 days to try to increase my supply, and whereas that used to work wonders, I don't think it's able to counteract the fact that I still can't stomach a ton of food, which I think is what is depleting my supply.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for how they restored their supply after a bad stomach virus or other illness that wiped them out? Specifically their nighttime supply?

    Thanks so much

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    Default Re: Recovering supply after stomach flu

    The key to increasing supply is always the same: remove more milk from the breast more frequently. That means adding in more nursing sessions and more pumping sessions until you get where you need to be. That approach is going to be labor-intensive, but it's going to work a lot better than herbs, teas, cookies, etc.

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