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Thread: Right breast leaks tremendously

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    Default Right breast leaks tremendously

    My DD is 5 days old and my milk has came in. My right breast is so engourged and I can leak so much milk to fill up a breast pad within 2 hours. Why is this happening? Can I pump to help with the problem. If so, how much should I pump and how often?

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    Default Re: Right breast leaks tremendously

    You do not want to pump that leaking breast! It would probable make you feel better to express a little to take off the pressure. My son is 13 months now, but I had a very over-active let down and leaked all over the place. I would pump several ounces before my feedings just so my newborn wouldn't gag and throw up. The pumping kept my supply up and leaking b/c my body thought I wanted that extra milk!!
    The first week is when the engourgement is the worst. Both sides will even out, and after a few weeks the leaking will stop. I remember I was always sticky all over, and my poor baby was, too. I didn't have enough with my first baby, so I joke that I prayed too hard this time!
    Once Allen was about 4-5 months, he grew to fit my supply and we're good now. If he would just stop biting. . .
    I hope it works out for you! You're giving your baby something very precious to get her tiny immune system through these cold months!

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    Default Re: Right breast leaks tremendously

    I have the same problem, only reverse My left breast leaks incredibly, and it did with my first baby and after I lost my second baby too.

    Don't pump. You'll just make the leaking last longer and make that side produce even more milk. Nobody told me that with baby #1, and I pumped for a couple weeks, and I ended up with a supply that could have allowed me to nurse a daycare full of babies, and I ended up leaking for months! T What I've been doing is getting the baby to latch on, letting him suck enough to get the milk going, let the excess spray into a towel and then relatching him to finish the nursing. If you are engorged enough that your baby can't latch on, there are a couple techniques to soften the areola enough, but I can't find the link right now (sorry).

    It will settle down, in a few weeks or so. Hang in there and just keep nursing -- the first few weeks are the hardest.
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    Default Re: Right breast leaks tremendously

    Leaking is so annoying but it will pass, I think for me it was around 6 weeks but I still leak occasionally. I have this advice:

    - as mentioned above, don't pump, that will just encourage your body to make more
    - I used to sleep on cloth diapers (towels would work too) to keep my sheets dry so I wasn't washing those every day!
    - use some caution about wearing disposible nursing pads. I wore them 24/7 in the early weeks because it's the only way I could hold my baby close (too much pain) and am sure it's the reason I developed thrush, the nice, warm, moist environment for yeast to grow. Better I think to wear old t-shirts while at home and just use pads for going out
    - later on when you don't need pads all the time for going out, it's all about wearing black because leaking doesn't show!

    Your body will figure it out eventually, stick with it!

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