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Thread: What do you do with baby while pumping?

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    We discovered a few weeks ago at 7 weeks old that my son had a tongue and lip tie and was not gaining weight. Unfortunately he is still not nursing effectively after getting those clipped, so I am borrowing a hospital grade pump and giving him 3 oz every 2-3 hours to get his weight up to where it should be, and also nursing him between bottles. I'm having a hard time keeping up with pumping because he doesnt stay entertained for very long without me holding him, and though I can pump one side while he nurses on the other, I get less milk and it takes longer because I'm leaning backwards in my glider to make room for the pump over him (plus it always leaks out the bottom of the pump shield). I'm afraid that my supply is continuing to decrease because I can't pump often enough or fully finish each pump session. When my milk first came in I leaked constantly and he gained weight probably only getting what was leaking or milk during let downs, but then I guess because he wasn't actually emptying the breast (wish I had a pump back then!) my supply decreased and he stopped getting enough which is when he stopped gaining weight. I currently pump just enough to stay ahead of him but I'm worried I'll fall behind. How do you keep your baby entertained while you pump?

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    I put mine in one of those bouncy seats facing me. If she seems to be getting upset, I turn on the vibrating function and it keeps her happy for a bit. Sometimes, she just cries, though and I just let her . It also helps if she has nothing to be upset about. I try to pump after she's been fed, has napped, and has a relatively fresh diaper.

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    I have been EPing for 8 months; those first couple of months are the hardest. To begin with - for every feed - I breastfed (agony, and turns out he wasn't getting anything/much), bottle fed (was just supposed to be a top-up), changed him, put him to bed, then pumped while he was asleep. Those feeds came around too fast Sometimes he would wake up again hungry before I had finished pumping. Forget having time for a toilet visit or a meal..or the washing! I couldn't pump if he was crying, my supply just seemed to dry up instantly. If he woke up I would feed him and change him and put him back into bed, then go back to my pump. It gets easier as they grow up; now he can wait a little longer for a feed and I can wait longer to pump, without losing my supply and without him losing his temper!

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