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Thread: Lazy breastfeeder getting all foremilk?

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    Lightbulb Lazy breastfeeder getting all foremilk?

    I have 10 day old newborn, she spent some time (5days) in NICU, and despite my bringing pumped milk she did get some formula bottles. NICU was due to not waking up/ breathing well after emergency csection, then jaundice.

    The problem is she only feeds for less than 5mins and she's passed out can't be woken up unless diaper change. Then when she does wake up and she eats again for a few mins and back to sleep. At first her poops seemed fine, now for past 2 poopy diapers over 6hrs they're dark green and watery if she has more she I take her to ER for diarrhea?? Ugh which Makes me believe she is only getting fore milk. Any pointers?
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    Hi vsell220 and welcome to the forum!

    It would help us to have a little more info. How many times total in 24 hours does baby nurse? What is her weight check history? (Weight and day of life- note scale changes.) Is baby still getting any supplements? Any medications? Are her bilirubin's normal now? Are you pumping as well as nursing for any reason?

    I am not sure what the poop change might signify. Dark green is kind of unusual, although lighter green is common and pretty normal variation for poop color. Watery is usually entirely normal. My understanding is that brown poop that is the consistency of water, (not just watery) is a sign of diarrhea, but have never heard of diarrhea in such a young baby, so I am just not sure. I wonder if the jaundice or formula might have changed poops at all? I am not sure a trip to the ER is necessary just for a change in poop color and consistency if all else is ok, but you might call baby's pediatrician. Even if your baby has diarrhea, there might not be anything to do but wait it out and make sure baby stays hydrated. (and this is best done with breastmilk, which is the perfect hydrator.) But with a baby this young I can see why you would be concerned if baby appears ill or is maybe not gaining well.

    What I can tell you is that if your baby has diarrhea, it would be caused by a virus or possibly some contamination in formula or a bottle, and not by your milk at the breast, which is the safest and cleanest food and food delivery system there is.

    There is tons of misinformation out there about so-called foremilk and hindmilk. I suggest do not worry about that at all. Even if your baby is getting mostly "foremilk" it is just as healthy and nutritious as "hindmilk" and as long as baby is getting enough milk, baby will gain just fine. That is what you want to concentrate on- making sure baby is getting enough overall.

    When a baby is getting lots of foremilk, the typical reason is not short feedings but rather mom is making more than enough milk (common and normal in the early weeks for some moms) and/or, baby is not nursing with high frequency. Increasing the frequency with which baby nurses may consequently help.

    It is really hard when a baby is super sleepy and needs to be awoken for meals. This is common in the first week or two. As long as baby is gaining ok, you can relax a bit about this. If baby is possibly not getting enough milk, here are some ideas for waking sleepy baby:

    To keep baby interested in nursing longer, you can try breast compressions and/or switching sides. These are helpful if the milk flow is a little slow or normal and baby needs a little wake up call. They are probably not helpful if you are making lots of milk and the flow is fast. Other ways to "rev baby up" so baby nurses longer is to stroke baby's head and back, "pump" a hand or foot, tickle or jiggle baby's chin, verbally encourage, shift positions...

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    Default Re: Lazy breastfeeder getting all foremilk?

    with the PP!

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