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Thread: Fenugreek watery milk, green poo

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    Hi there, I've been taking fenugreek to boost my supply but when I pump my milk is almost like water, near transparent. My son (who is 13 weeks old) poos are now bright green when they used to vary from yellowy brown to wholegrain mustardy colour. He's got low weight gain, currently 9th percentile and has been dropping for about a month.

    I try feeding one side but it's never enough so he takes both. I compared frozen milk I pump now with frozen milk I pumped at 6 weeks which is solid cream coloured. How can I fatten up my milk?

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    Hi! Some moms do find they have tummy issues from fenugreek, and more rarely report baby having tummy issues. That might explain the green poops. I have never heard of fenugreek affecting the fat content of milk. Galactagogues, when they work, increase milk production, not the fat content. Research suggests that nothing mom ingests increases fat content in milk, but there may be ways to increase fat content by how the milk is removed from the breasts. Here is more info on that: http://kellymom.com/nutrition/milk/change-milkfat/

    But as you can see in that article, fat content is not considered relevant when it comes to growth. Instead, when a baby is not gaining well, the issue is either unrelated to nursing (baby has some health issue) or, most commonly, baby is not getting enough milk overall.

    Also, it is great your baby takes both sides! If your baby is not gaining well due to low milk production, it is not typically suggested to nurse one sided. Instead, I suggest encourage baby to take both sides and certainly allow this whenever baby wants. "Switch nursing" has long been considered very helpful in increasing both the amount of milk baby takes in during a single feeding, and for increasing milk production overall. I would dearly love to get my hands on whoever is spreading the idea that nursing one sided is a good idea when moms are struggling with low milk production, this comes up all the time and it is a very harmful falsehood! Here is a good article on how to increase low milk production: http://kellymom.com/hot-topics/low-supply/

    Also how milk looks when it is pumped is a very hard thing to read and usually means absolutely nothing. Watery and nearly transparent is an entirely normal variation.

    If you would like some more suggestions, it would help to know if supplements were suggested by a doctor or other hcp, also when they were suggested and in what amount and for what duration. Also, your baby's exact weight history from birth, how many times in 24 hours baby nurses, how much baby receives as supplemental feedings of your milk and/or formula in a bottle daily (and when supplements were started, stopped, etc) Also, it would help to know more about pumping- how often do you pump, when do you pump, (after a feeding, before, in between, instead, etc) and about how much you get per day/session that you pump, what kind of pump you are using.
    Also, is nursing comfortable for you and is pumping comfortable for you?

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    Default Re: Fenugreek watery milk, green poo

    with all the above!!!!

    I just want to add that milk expressed in the first few weeks after birth typically does look "creamy" compared to milk expressed by the mom of an older baby. I think this is due in part to the presence of colostrum in the milk, which creates that yellowish, "creamy" tinge which we often mistake for higher fat content.

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