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Thread: Low Milk Supply - Brick Dust Pee, Green Poo

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    Default Low Milk Supply - Brick Dust Pee, Green Poo

    Hey everyone, I've been reading everything about breastfeeding and newborns for two weeks now trying to figure out whats going on with me and my baby. Hoping this forum can help.

    For moms who've had low milk supply, what did your babies poop look like? Especially in the first few weeks?

    My milk came in late and I'm pretty sure I have genuine low milk supply.

    His poops are often neon green to dark green and mucousy. They are frequent and soon after eating. More upsetting is when I'm exclusively breastfeeding his diaper has a lot of brick dust - a sign of dehydration. He's 2 weeks old today.

    He's had maybe 3 yellow "newborn poops" and only after formula was given. I'm supplementing b/c doctor insisted. He was born 10lb 13oz, the next day 9lb 13oz. 1 week later he was 8lb 2oz. After I started supplementing with Similac he gained 6oz in about 5 days.

    I am dropper feeding him in the hopes that I will eventually be able to exclusively breastfeed. But I really believe I have low milk supply and I'm terrified I will never make enough for him.

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    Default Re: Low Milk Supply - Brick Dust Pee, Green Poo

    Hi flipsmom, I know you asked a very specific question but the forum has been very dead, and I fear you may have a long wait for someone to come along who can answer that specific question about poops when mom has low milk production.

    Normal poops come in a wide variety of colors. However, Kellymom warns about very dark colored poops beyond the first few days. Dark poops are normal at first as the baby clears out the meconium present at birth, but this is not normal after the first several days. See: http://kellymom.com/hot-topics/newborn-nursing/

    Also what I understand about brick dust pee, while again this can be normal the first few days of life, it is not normal beyond that.

    Also the weight checks, if accurate, are clearly indicating something is very wrong, and weight checks (when done accurately) are probably the most reliable indicator.

    I would suggest, right now concentrate on making sure your baby is 1) not ill or severely dehydrated and 2) is getting enough to eat to gain normally. This may require baby being seen by a doctor, at the very least I suggest call your baby's doctor. If supplements are required, then give them. If the syringe is effective, fine, but baby may take more with a cup or spoon, and that might be needed. Or you can consider bottles. Required supplements- the ones needed because baby cannot get enough milk at the breast for some reason- are just that- required. They must be given. They will not harm your production further if you take precautions. This means, if you have a pump, pump as often as you can, using the best pump you can, and hand express if for some reason getting a pump is not possible. This will act to protect your milk production while you are making sure baby is getting enough to eat even if that means supplementing more than you already are.

    Then, I would suggest seeing a board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) to help you discover why baby is not getting enough to eat when nursing. The issue may be low milk production, it may be poor milk transfer, or some combination. If you cannot see an IBCLC for a consult, look into local volunteers like LLL Leaders. But when a baby is having so much trouble with gain, I think an IBCLC is what you will want.
    More on consult with an IBCLC: http://cwgenna.com/lconsult.html
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    Default Re: Low Milk Supply - Brick Dust Pee, Green Poo

    with MaddieB.

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