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Thread: "A touch of" mastitis?

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    Default "A touch of" mastitis?

    I've done a lot of reading about mastitis, and from my understanding it involves some pretty intense pain/tenderness. I am wondering if I am on the brink of developing it...

    Yesterday at work (13 hour days as an RN) I developed aches/chills/mild fever with no other symptoms (good appetite and no respiratory issues) around 2pm. By the time I left work I could barely stand up without extreme leg fatigue. Went home, ate dinner, shower, fed baby then bed. I really tried to find a sore area on my breasts, one slightly tender spot but I probably wouldn't have noticed it if I didn't suspect mastitis.

    Fed him again at midnight, still achy, but nursing wasn't painful. Up again at 3:30, soaked in sweat but fever and aches were gone. Fed him again and by 5:15 wakeup I felt completely normal. Fed again at 6:30, back to work for another day of pumping.

    The tender spot is slightly more tender today and maybe a little red, maybe a walnut sized spot. But nothing like the pain that my friends have described. Plus it seems like my body kicked the systemic symptoms overnight.

    I will try to take care of my breasts - heat/massage/pumping until empty today to keep an eye on that spot I guess. It doesn't feel like what I've read a plugged duct may be like I guess. But maybe that's what it is! Didn't think a plugged duct would cause systemic symptoms though (especially because thats what I noticed first).

    Thanks for any insight you can provide!

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    Default Re: "A touch of" mastitis?

    Fever chills aches etc. would indicate mastitis, breast pain or not. Of course those symptoms might also indicate some other illness.

    Reportedly, some mothers in some cases are able to beat mastitis with lots of self care and without anti biotics.

    But mastitis is very tricky. Symptoms will come and go. This is typical. And often when they come back, they come back worse. Untreated or undertreated mastitis can, in some cases, become a very serious infection requiring hospitalization. Unless you have some special reason to avoid antibiotics, I would suggest consider getting a prescription if symptoms return. Most can be safely taken while continuing to nurse baby/feed baby your milk with no interruption.

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