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Thread: Baby diahrea after i'm taking antibiotics

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    Default Baby diahrea after i'm taking antibiotics

    I'm a mother of 5 week twin baby and exclusively pumping. Lately i have a high fever and the dr prescribed antibiotics cefprozil. I noticed that both of my child now have very runny stool (no seed). Although 1 baby is only getting 4 stool yesterday. The other one is getting severe (4 in the past 4 hour).

    My question is
    1. Should i continue giving my breastmilk or should i supplement until i finish my antibiotics course?
    2. If i should pump and dump can i cut some slack and miss say my 3 am pumping session. Since im sick i need the extra sleep. How many days of missing pump does it take to effect my production?

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    Default Re: Baby diahrea after i'm taking antibiotics

    Diarrhea isn't harmful in the long term, and feeding your babies breastmilk is the best way to help them reestablish a normal, healthy gut flora if the diarrhea is wiping theirs out. So I personally would not stop nursing under these circumstances.

    If I understand you correctly, you are currently pumping in addition to nursing. Can you tell us some more about why you are pumping? I'm wondering if you might have some milk overproduction going on, which would predispose you for mastitis, which can cause a high fever...

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    Default Re: Baby diahrea after i'm taking antibiotics

    mommal, also,

    How much are babies being fed, each bottle feeding and overall? Sometimes overly frequent stool indicates baby is getting too much milk at once, which is easy to do when they are bottle fed.
    But as far as I know, watery stools with no seeds is a normal variation for breastmilk-fed infant poop. Seeds and curds are not always present.

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