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Thread: My dd wants to nurse all night long? please help

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    Default My dd wants to nurse all night long? please help

    My 16 month old dd wants to nurse all night long for the past month or so and that means I'm not getting any sleep at all. I'm a single mom and dd and I cosleep but lately she wants to nurse in her sleep all night long and as soon as i try to pull away and put her down she cries. please help with any suggestions. I'm not trying to wean her by any means and I'll let he wean herself but I'm ready to just throw in the towel as I have a headache all the time from lack of sleep thank you in advence.

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    Default Re: My dd wants to nurse all night long? please help

    maybe its time to start her off in her own bed. That's what I did with my last two babies.
    Start them off in their own bed, and then sometime during the night they come in and join me again. I was better at meeting their night time needs if we hadn't spent the whole night together.
    My dd is now 3 and she starts off in her own bed, I nurse her to sleep on her own twin bed, and then sneak off to my bed, Most nights she gets up and comes and gets in bed later but most of the time it's after 3 am.
    SO I can get a good 5-6 hours of sleep in before she wakes again.

    You have to do what ever will get you the most sleep.

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