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Thread: Slow weight gain

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    Question Slow weight gain

    Hi there, first time poster here. My bubba is very slow to gain weight and has moved down percentiles since birth. He's 12 weeks old and weighs 5.2kg. He's developing mentally and physically really well so I'm not worried about that, just his weight.

    He had a tongue tie snipped at three days, and I think he may have a lip tie. His top lip is always tucked in rather than splayed. He's not nursing very well (a couple of mins each side then throws himself off and refuses to relatch) and his poos are usually green with yellow curds. He must not be getting enough hind milk but I don't know how to get him to have more!

    Other info:
    He's never been "milk drunk"
    He dribbles a lot
    He nurses roughly every 1.5 to 2 hours during the day and about every 4 hours at night
    He's quite skinny looking weigh
    We weighed after a feed and it was about 100g

    What we've tried:
    Lots of different breastfeeding positions
    Taking fenugreek to boost supply - this made no difference to weight gain
    Feeding only one side - not enough for him
    Switching multiple times during feeding
    Breast compress - changes shape of my breast and he throws himself off
    Feeding more often - we already feed heaps!!
    Feeding less regularly - he needs more

    Please help! My mummy gut suspects its a lip tie. When lip ties are snipped is it like floodgates opening up?

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    Welcome to the forum!

    You posted a lot of really helpful information, but we could use some more. It would be good to know the following:
    - Baby's weight history. Birth weight, lowest weight, weight at each checkup. Extra points if you can give the weight in the following format: baby's age in weeks/baby's weight in lbs (most of the moms here are American, so we think in lbs rather than kg)
    - Baby's weigh-in history- has baby always been weighed in the nude, using the same scale?

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    Hiya, apologies for delay! Info below:
    Birth weight : 7.63 lbs (3.46kg)
    5 days (lowest weight): 7.07 lbs (3.21kg)
    8 days: 7.38lb (3.35kg)
    2w: 7.93lb
    2w 3d: 8.2 lb
    4w 2d: 8.86 lb
    5w 2d: 9.56lb
    6w 2d: 9.83lb
    7w 1d: 10.36lb
    10w 1d: 11.11lb
    11w 2d: 11.44lb

    Baby has always been weighed nude, not always the exact same scales but the exact same type every time.

    I am taking fenugreek again .

    Thank you!

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    Based on those weights, I don't know that I would worry too much. The baby's weights suggest a slower rate of growth than the average baby, but he is growing consistently. It's actually quite common for babies to follow a different growth trajectory outside the womb than inside. That is, they may be be born at one percentile and then grow to a higher one (catch-up growth) or drop down to a lower one (catch-down growth).

    That being said, I think I would want to have the baby checked for a lip tie and see if one is present. If it is, I think I personally would want to have it clipped. The change from lip tie to no lip tie can be "like the floodgates opening up", or it can bring little to no improvement. You don't know what will happen unless you try it.

    Do you have a high-quality digital scale available for home use? It might be interesting to see how much baby takes in at the average feeding. 100 g over the course of a single feeding is excellent intake- non-metric moms, that's about 3.5 oz- so if he is getting that much consistently, I wouldn't be worried about his intake. Looking "milk-drunk" is not something all babies do, and his feeding frequency is absolutely normal for his age. Green poops are normal, and they don't necessarily indicate a lack of hindmilk. (More detail available on that subject on request, but right now I need to run!)

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