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Thread: Questions about Medications and Breastfeeding

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    Default Questions about Medications and Breastfeeding

    Most mothers will probably need to take medication at some point while they're breastfeeding, which can be scary since there's not a lot of information available about the effects on nursing babies, and drug manufacturers invariably say not to breastfeed while taking their products. The good news is that there are actually few meds that are truly contraindicated during breastfeeding, and for many others you may be able to minimize your baby's exposure to the drug through timing when you take it.

    LLL Leaders and forum members cannot guarantee the safety of taking any specific medication while breastfeeding, nor can we recommend alternative medications. Please consult with your healthcare provider about any medication information you find on the Forums.

    InfantRisk Center

    The best resource for any questions you might have about medication while breastfeeding is the InfantRisk Center at Texas Tech University. It was established by Dr. Thomas Hale, a pharmacologist who is the leading expert in the use of medications during lactation. The counselors there will consider the drug you've been prescribed, the dosage, how old your baby is, what his or her nursing pattern is like, and give you information that's specific to your situation.

    You can call InfantRisk from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm US Central Time, at (806)-352-2519.

    The InfantRisk Center also has information about non-prescription drugs, herbal products, vaccines, chemicals, and other substances.

    Medications and Mothers' Milk

    Most LLL Leaders own or have access to Dr. Hale's book Medications and Mothers' Milk and can use it to give you general info about different medications. I also have access to the Medications and Mothers' Milk online database -- you can PM me at @llli*LLLKaren with the name of the medication you've been prescribed, I'll email you a PDF of its entry in the medsmilk database, which you can review with your health care provider.


    LactMed is a free, searchable database of medications maintained by the US National Library of Medicine. From their website: "It includes information such as maternal levels in breast milk, infant levels in blood, potential effects in breastfeeding infants and on lactation itself, the American Academy of Pediatrics category indicating the level of compatibility of the drug with breastfeeding, and alternate drugs to consider."

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