I posted this question as well in the Nursing while breastfeeding thread, wasn't sure where it best belongs. As I nurse my 27 month old back to sleep multiple times per night, it is dawning on me that some things will have to significantly change before baby #2 arrives in 7 months!

My 27 month old is an avid nurser - all day and to sleep and for several wakings (3-5) during the night (although she quickly goes back to sleep). She sleeps in a bed beside ours, but I end up on the little one with her every night after a few wakings. Our breastfeeding relationship is very dear to both of us and I am committed to breastfeed throughout pregnancy and likely when #2 arrives as well - it is hard to imagine her giving it up any time soon. However, with the logistics of 2 kids, I know some things will have to change.

Looking for advice on where to start. I don't know if starting to encourage her to fall asleep without nursing is a good first step, or trying to decrease the night wakings is a better first step. Or something else? We tried the Dr. Jay Gordon approach a few months ago to kick start fertility and while it did the trick, the process was horrible - several hours of crying and screaming every night, lots of rocking and physical work required. Needless to say in first trimester I am not up for that.

I am hoping to take a very gradual and gentle approach over the next 7 months to encourage more independence around sleeping and nursing, and would love to hear other people's approaches with the same. Strategies will have to be initiated by me - dad works late and can't be counted on for new regular routines. For over 2.5 years now I am the only person who has ever helped her get to sleep or back to sleep in the night, and I am starting to worry about letting her down when the new baby arrives if I can't be there (which is bound to happen).

Thank you in advance for all of your wisdom