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Thread: Too soon to reduce pumping?

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    Default Too soon to reduce pumping?

    My baby is 14 weeks old, and I have been back at work full time for a little over two weeks. She is exclusively breast fed, and since I've been back at work I have been pumping more than she has been drinking each day. I have a large freezer stash as well.

    I feed her before work, pump in the morning, feed her at lunch, pump in the afternoon, and then feed her on demand in the evenings and at night. I would like to eliminate the afternoon pumping session if possible.

    So far, every day but one I've gotten enough milk in the morning session to meet her needs while we are apart. Considering my large freezer stash, is it too soon to eliminate the afternoon session? If it turns out I need to up my supply, could I add it back in later? I don't want to compromise my milk supply, but it does seem like I have plenty so far.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Default Re: Too soon to reduce pumping?

    How many hours elapse between feeding the baby at lunchtime and feeding her in the evening? My major concern with reducing pump sessions at this point is less about milk supply and more about you becoming uncomfortable, engorged, or ending up with a plugged duct or mastitis. My instinct in a situation like yours, where you bring home more milk than you need, is for you to keep the same number of pump sessions but to reduce the amount you pump at each session. So if you usually pump 4 oz, take 3. That way you won't be bringing home the excess milk, but you will continue to remove milk at a nice frequency.

    If you did cut a pump session, and saw production fall as a result, you could get that production back by pumping more often. But it's usually easier to maintain what you have than to try to bring supply back up, so you might have to add back more than just the single dropped session.

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